Decatur Ranked 32nd Best Place to Live in the U.S. and #1 in Georgia

Let’s keep this to ourselves, ok?

Niche has updated its “Best Places to Live” for 2017 and our hamlet of 20k is at the top of the list of Georgia locales.  Not to mention that it ranked #32 in the whole gosh darn US of A.  Here’s Decatur’s Niche “report card” to see where we stand amongst their key indicators…

Now I’m sure the overachievers among us are asking, what are these 31 places that are better than Decatur??  How is that possible?  Well, you’ll have to visit the fair communities of Rollingwood, TX or Carmel, IN, Wyoming, OH or Eden Prairie, MN to find out.

If you go, let us know and report back, ok?

Keep it real, DEC.

4 thoughts on “Decatur Ranked 32nd Best Place to Live in the U.S. and #1 in Georgia”

  1. Evidence for my childhood friends who keep asking when I’m going to move back North!

    With every passing year (16 and counting) I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Decatur is not perfect (what is?) but we sure do have it good, thanks to so many people who take an active role in our community.

  2. I’m sure that our access to MARTA is a big help on that commute score, but an A seems generous nonetheless. Not much else for me to argue with, however!

  3. Extremely fortunate and happy to be living here and calling Decatur home. No place is perfect but Decatur is very close..

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