Niche Ranks Decatur #1 Place To Live in Georgia

Decatur took the top spot this year on Niche’s list of the Top Places to Live in Georgia.

Niche’s annual rank uses dozens of data points including performance of local schools, crime rates, climate, access to food, etc – and new this year, walkability.

Sherwood Forest, John’s Creek, Alpharetta, and Buckhead Forest round out the top 5.

Decatur also ranked #1 among the best suburbs in the state and #2 best place to raise a family behind John’s Creek.

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Decatur Ranked 32nd Best Place to Live in the U.S. and #1 in Georgia

Let’s keep this to ourselves, ok?

Niche has updated its “Best Places to Live” for 2017 and our hamlet of 20k is at the top of the list of Georgia locales.  Not to mention that it ranked #32 in the whole gosh darn US of A.  Here’s Decatur’s Niche “report card” to see where we stand amongst their key indicators…

Now I’m sure the overachievers among us are asking, what are these 31 places that are better than Decatur??  How is that possible?  Well, you’ll have to visit the fair communities of Rollingwood, TX or Carmel, IN, Wyoming, OH or Eden Prairie, MN to find out.

If you go, let us know and report back, ok?

Keep it real, DEC.

Decatur Ranks as “Best Place to Live” in Georgia; Ranks 79th in Nation


You may have seen recently in local media that Decatur ranked as the #1 suburb in Georgia, based on Niche’s annual “Best Place’s to Live” ranker.

Pretty cool, but I don’t think it’s too much as a surprise to many.  Decatur often does well in these sorts of place rankers.  Especially when just looking within the state.

But Niche’s “Best Places To Live” ranks go much broader.  And I haven’t yet seeing anyone else mention that not only is Decatur ranked the #1 Suburb, but it’s hands down ranked as the #1 “Place to Live” in Georgia.  AND overall it ranked as the 79th best place to live in all of America.

So, yes.  Limiting Decatur’s performance to “Best Suburb in Georgia” is a bit of unnecessary over-qualification.

FYI – Decatur scored A’s and A+’s in the following categories: Education, Public Schools, Diversity, Health & Fitness, Nightlife, Shortest Commute and Family Amenities in Niche’s ranker.  It got B’s or B+’s in: Outdoor Activities, Jobs, and Weather.  It got a B- for Crime & Safety and it scored Cs for Cost of Living and Real Estate.

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Decatur Schools Dominate “Best Schools in Metro Atlanta” Rankings


Want to get a sense for the overall strength of the Decatur school system in the Metro Atlanta region?

Niche just released its schools ranking for 2016 and all Decatur schools did very well.  Overall, the Decatur school system did very well, ranking #2 in the metro area behind only Buford City Schools.  (Though Decatur has the best teachers)

But each school also performed quite well on their own. Check this out…

Elementary Schools

While a Decatur elementary school did claim the top metro Atlanta spot in Niche’s just-released 2016 public elementary school rankings, Decatur Elementary Schools swept spots 2-6 on the list.  Here’s the top 6…

  1. Buford Academy
  2. FAVE 4/5 Academy
  3. Clairemont Elementary 
  4. Glennwood Elementary
  5. Winnona Park Elementary
  6. Oakhurst Elementary

And before you ask, it looks like data is from the 2013-14 school year, which would explain why Westchester Elementary is conspicuously absent from the list.

Middle School

Renfroe ranked #1 in the metro Atlanta area, ahead of #2 Buford Middle School.  ‘Nough said?

High School

Decatur High School ranked #13 on the list of top metro Atlanta high schools, behind a few magnet schools and high schools in Johns Creek, Big Creek Township, Suwanee, Snellville, Milton and Buford.

So there you go.  And if you’re interested in the ranking methodology, CLICK HERE.