Las Brasas Won’t Renew Lease; Looking for New Spot in Decatur/Kirkwood

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The owner of Las Brasas, John Koechlin, tells DM that he has decided not to renew the lease at its iconic East Howard Avenue location.  The Peruvian chicken take out spot has been open in Decatur since 2007.

However, Koechlin tells us he is looking for a new spot for his restaurant in Decatur or Kirkwood where his customers “can sit down and have a drink”.  So if anyone out there knows of a space that would be a good fit for a restaurant that serves some of the best chicken in Atlanta, give the folks at Las Brasas a call!

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43 thoughts on “Las Brasas Won’t Renew Lease; Looking for New Spot in Decatur/Kirkwood”

  1. If they could work a deal with Pete Whitlock for the approved but currently unbuilt space in the strip with the Imperial, there’d be no complaints from me. Just FYI.

      1. I can. Even got the sauces figured out since I found both aji amarillo and huacatay paste at BuHi Farmer’s Market. I didn’t say I’d patronize it often, just that there’s a space available.

  2. Too bad more isn’t known about redevelopment status of the 2nd Ave and Hosea intersection. Many rumors but nothing firm. That’d be a great spot for them.

    1. Perfect! Yes! My family depends on the availability of Las Brasas. I understand wanting space for indoor seating, more dining options, and the ability to turn your car around in the parking lot, but I sure hope that Las Brasas doesn’t leave our 2 mile comfort zone.

    2. Thirded. This seems like an ideal spot, although it might be more seating than they need. Just hope they stay close. They produce an amazing product.

    3. YESSSSS! That would be ideal. And they can NOT leave, or even think of closing down. What’ll I do without their chicken & papas con huancaina sauce???

  3. The corner unit in the Tudor Village Building (for lease by Oakhurst Properties) in Avondale Estates. Major visibility at the corner of 278/East College and North Clarendon. Plus, adjacent to the Towne Cinema that will re-open in the next year, Tudor Square multi-use facility, The Bishop, and Pallookaville!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! I’ve often thought a small restaurant/take-out place would be great there. It’s roomier than their current digs, but not too big.

  4. Zillions of likely places to the west of you–and closer to me! Would love to see them dig in along Memorial some place, they’d be minting money.

  5. What about the old James Joyce location? Close enough to the heart of Avondale eateries and to Decatur with a huge patio and fireplaces.

    1. I think they are keeping for catering and storage for Fox Bros BBQ. Last time we were in Fox Bros, I overheard their staff discuss running over to Big Tex to get extra supplies.
      Still miss Big Tex 🙁 Their Sunday dinner fried chicken was what Sunday dinner is all about

      1. On Fridays they have Lomo Saltado, which is a beef dish and I typically see LOTS of folks getting that. The potatoes with the slightly spicy sauce are very delicious.

  6. Speaking of Fox Bros and their abandoned attempt at going in the old Maddy’s BBQ location. That could be a good spot (although maybe too far from downtown Decatur).

    1. I think Las Brasas is thriving Decatur- bursting at the seems and great potential for more revenues with drink sales is the issue. I hope they stick around in Decatur!

      1. Kirkwood is today what Decatur was when he first opened. I think he’d be smart to slip over the line to take advantage of lower rent. He could easily improve his parking and seating situations and pay less. Plus his loyal Decatur customers won’t have far to go.

        1. Agreed re Kirkwood development status and lower rents, but I think he’d see a big drop off in volume from the Northside Decaturites. That drop off would eventually be made up by new loyal Kirkwood fans, but it would take a while.

          1. True. In Kirkwood, it would be beyond our 2-mile can-pick-up-dinner-before-bedtime comfort zone.

  7. There’s an empty space by the Family Dolla in Oakhurst. Sure would be nice to have a top-notch restaurant like Las Brasas in the neighborhood.

  8. Am I the only one here who thinks this is a bad idea unless they expand their menu? The chicken is great, but the appeal of Las Brasas is picking up a great, relatively inexpensive dinner on the way home. Their overhead will go way up with the additional space, employees, liquor licenses, etc., and they are going to have to sell a lot more chickens to cover those bills.

    1. I was thinking the same. But if they went into a small space that allowed for 6-8 tables, had a beer and wine list, I think it would be fine. Decatur needs more sit down spots that are not so expensive. I would pop in for some chicken and beer regularly.

    2. Agree with you 100%. (Everybody watch for other wildly unlikely things today;) )
      That’s why I think the perfect setup for them would be a slightly bigger hole-in-the-wall type place with up to half a dozen tables, that’s easy to get in and out of by car. If they set up on Memorial on the south side of the street anywhere between downtown Atlanta and Second Ave., the after-work takeout business alone would be a gold mine.

  9. Wish there was a good spot on the West side of downtown. Big Tex is probably too big but somewhere near Decatur CD, Dancing Goats, etc.

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