Updated: “It’s Official!” Souper Jenny Plans to Open in Decatur on February 3rd

UPDATE: On Twitter, Jenny confirms the new Souper Jenny will open in the old Pita Pit space

We haven’t heard much from Souper Jenny since March, when they first announced they were coming to Decatur, leading a few folks wonder if it was still going to happen.

But then, just 30 minutes ago, this tweet

It’s Official! Souper Jenny Decatur. Opening February 3rd! Oy, What Have I Done?

They also posted a “hiring” notice on their website this morning that mentions the new Decatur location.

I’m still trying to figure out the actual address.

36 thoughts on “Updated: “It’s Official!” Souper Jenny Plans to Open in Decatur on February 3rd”

  1. Yay! I have only been a couple of times but it was soooooo delicious. I think it will be a great addition. The spot in buckhead has a warm funky feel. Wondering if she’ll be able to warm up the corporate space.

    1. That space is hard to warm up. But I’m not familiar with Souper Jenny so I don’t know how warm and funky it has to be.

    1. Eeek. An even harder to warm up space. Not to mention doomed building although Snoball Cafe has hung on. I still miss Indie Bookstore/Coffee.

      1. Very happy about Souper Jenny! To your comment, I wish more people would go to Snoball Cafe. They’re always SO nice and everything they serve is great.

    1. Wouldn’t that be interesting — a place with local roots occupying a space that’s been corporate (Quizno’s, Pita Pit).

      1. I have never heard of a restaurant that failed because of a lack of parking.

        If it’s good enough you will figure it out. There are examples throughout Decatur.

      2. What about the two takeout spaces in front of the “Art Institute” that used to have signs for Ruby Tuesday takeout? Why can’t that be part of the lease?

    1. It’s possible but not definite that they may do something like the grilled cheese night at the new location. Tonight is the final one in their original spot, as well as the last time they’ll be open at night except for special events. Parking in the evenings at Andrews Square can be quite challenging when adjacent clubs and bars have functions, so that will no longer be an issue.

  2. So is the Buckhead spot moving to Decatur? Or will this be her second location?

    I assumed the latter but now I’m confused from all the internet chatter.

    Lastly, nothing could be worse than the parking situation in Buckhead. Decatur can be tricky…that East Andrews lot was wretched and frankly kept folks from coming. Luckily, Decatur is a lot more pedestrian and bike friendly.

    I hope SJ thrives in The Dec!

    1. First Hour Free parking in the deck behind Parker’s is gonna become the place to be, every day between 5-7pm.

    2. Perhaps you’re not familiar with Juicy Jenny? Or the massive clientele SJ maintains? They’re definitely not going anywhere. Dinner has always been a challenge since there are greater fluctuations in traffic and the regulars aren’t as regular. They’ll be returning to having occasional evening events there (i.e. theme dinners) as well as making the space available for private parties.

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