Decatur Needs a Slogan!

You remember the Decatur six-word story fun we had a while back?  Well, that was just a warm up!  Catherine Lee writes on The Decatur Minute

There’s “Keep Austin Weird,” “Love Asheville,” “Think Local Umpqua,” “Homegrown El Paso,” and so many more “buy local” campaigns around the country. How about Decatur? What slogan would sum up our city’s local love of independent businesses? How do you capture Decatur’s community spirit in just a few words? We want to hear from you! Send in a go local Decatur slogan to us, we’ll pick the best three, and put them up for a public vote online. Get creative!

Send your submission to [email protected] by March 16. The winning submission will be used in an ongoing marketing campaign for the City of Decatur. The winner will receive two free shirts with his/her slogan and a giftcard to a local restaurant.

Let’s get crackin’!

102 thoughts on “Decatur Needs a Slogan!”

  1. i always liked the tee shirt slogan: ” Decatur, There’s a Festival For That”. That about describes our town.

    1. I obviously like that one too. But what I realized is that it seems like the city is gravitating towards a slogan that was written by residents but can appeal to all. And that’s based purely off the examples given. Both the Asheville and Austin slogans primarily are directed towards residents, but also translate when appealing to tourists.

      Conversely, “City Lights, Southern Nights” is geared only towards visitors and means absolutely nothing to an Atlanta resident.

      Just a general observation!

      1. Meh. Yogurt is for breakfast with granola and berries. It is never dessert, even if you freeze it and add sugar. I mean, what’s next? Frozen oatmeal? Blech!

        Now seriously, what does this town need to do to get Morellis to open a Decatur shop? Until then, I’ll stick with my butterscotch dipped swirly cone at Dairy Queen!

        1. Now, I do love me some fro-yo, but Morelli’s…*sigh* I’d burn down a yogurt shop if I thought Morelli’s would take its place!!!

        2. There’s a flavor at YT now (chocolate cherry or something like that) that may make you change your mind. Slathered is chocolate sauce it was positively lick the bottom of the cup good! I’m not a huge fan of their flavor selection, but it was killer.

          1. We shall see. But I have a feeling I’ll be licking the bottom and saying “Damn, I coulda had a DQ!”

  2. The idea for this bubbled up at a recent Restaurant & Retail meeting. The group wanted to come up with some type of Go Local campaign that would be distinctive to Decatur. It should appeal to both residents and visitors. We thought what better marketers do we have than our own residents and businesses so we thought we would start with all of you and see if a slogan came out of a grass roots effort. Thanks for all of your ideas – keep them coming!

    1. I have always liked that and it was so true when I moved here over 30 years ago. But today I am not sure the Berkley part of that means much to many of my neighbors. BTW, that is a topic for an essay I may post for a Friday discussion.

      1. It would have to be parenthesized – Berkeley (minus the teargas and street urchins). Plus we would need to add a few more cafes and Birkenstock shoppes. Go Bears!

      2. I think the Mayberry-Berkeley jux still works. In Berkeley people sit in trees to save them, here we rightly praise a guy who donates a diseased tree that had to be cut down to charity. Bring your own saws, y’all.

        There they have neighborhood bars featuring wines from just slightly north of the Bay. Here we have neighborhood bars featuring beers from the area (as well as Belgium and Ireland).

        There they have a complete disdain for cars and parking. Here we have a complete disdain for cars and parking.

        There, although California is losing residents and despite high taxes, I think Berk is still growing at a brisk clip. Here, despite high taxes, Decatur is still growing like a weed.

        There they have some of the most famous communes not featured in a musical where people can escape the relative righties living in San Francisco and the greedy people living in Menlo Park . Here we have, well, Decatur, where people can escape living next to the righties of Gwinnett and the greedy in North Fulton and Cobb.

        The People’s Republic of Decatur: Welcome, Comrade!

  3. Submitted for your consideration…

    Decatur-It Doesn’t Suck

    Greater Decatur

    Decatur-We Just Want to be Friends

    Think Local–Be Vocal

    Keep Decatur Pretentious

    Socially Transmitted Decatur


    $pend Time in Decatur

    Chicks Dig Us

    1. Keith, you’re having too much fun here.

      I will add a couple more to consider…

      More chicks than hicks
      See ya’ll later in Decatur
      and my favorite from the decatur patch board: work, live, pay

  4. One reason the slogans from the other cities are powerful is that they incite the reader to action — to do something, rather than just describing the town. For that reason, I like the ” Buy local, be vocal” one — to which I imagine you would add Decatur” to either the front, or the back.

    1. Reminds me of something I once heard about going to Winder to find her, to Decatur to date her, and to Tucker to have fun.

  5. Nyah nyah nyah nyaaaah nyaaaah.

    If care at all about your kids, you’d move here.

    Everything good about the North, but without the cold and the sh****y attitude.

    The hicks hate us even more than they hate Atlanta.

    F***ing A Decatur!

  6. Nothing to add, these are so great. Several had me laughing out loud. I recently read something about the health benefits of laughing–studies show that it’s deep belly laughs, not polite smiles or timid giggles, that are associated with decreased stress and better health. This thread made me a lot healthier!

  7. Decatur. Bring quarters!

    Decatur. That’s “City Of,” hoss!

    Decatur. Get drunk in style. Puke on clean sidewalks. Pass out in safe gutters.

    Decatur. We actually pick up our dog’s poop.

    Decatur. We WILL ticket you for jaywalking. …y’all come back now!

    Decatur. If you lived here, too, you’d understand why we’re so damn smug.

    Decatur. Ttttthhhhppppptthhhhhbbbbttttt!

    Decatur. Hey, Maw! It looks diverse!

    Decatur. A great place to raise your kids up. (a buck to the first one of y’ze who gets the reference)

    Decatur. You’ll never want to leave! …but please do. …go back to the Highlands or whatever.

    Decatur. Less sex offenders per square mile than most surrounding municipalities!

    Decatur. Our CrimeReports map is mostly just B’s and T’s!

    Decatur. The Brooklyn Heights/San Francisco/Toronto/better parts of Boston/some safe Northern suburban town–of The South!

    Decatur. It’s not JUST great schools, parks, services, culture, food, coffee, literature, schools, shopping, arts, parks, schools, and schools!

  8. And one that is NOT offensive and/or stupid:

    Destination Decatur.

    Because, like, people come here on purpose. When we were in Boston and planning to move to the Atlanta area (my wife grew up in Atlanta), four different friends who had either lived in Atlanta or spent a lot of time around here said something to the effect of, “Since you have kids now, you have GOT to move to Decatur.” This town is nationally famous for being the best fambly town south of the Mason Dixon line, ah tell yew whut.

    1. I like Destination Decatur also but think it was already used by dekalb a few years ago (somehow Destination Dekalb is engraved in my brain, is painted it on a water tower somewhere?)

      My clever hubby tastefully suggested a Homer Simpson saying “D’oh, Decatur” with a growler in his hand 🙂

    Live like a local –eat, shop, and play Decatur
    OR …
    Decatur? We’re classier AND smarter than you, and we know it
    Don’t park here, we’ll ticket your #$$!
    DECATUR: Drink the beer, the water and the wine
    You’ll have a baby in no time

  10. Decatur: Beer, Music, Babies…in that order!

    I also like “circle gets the square”, but this would require creating a character (circle) who always hangs on the square because it’s cool. Don’t worry, I’ve thought of many scenario’s that “Circle” could get into and put those on a t-shirt! A slogan and a mascot:)

  11. How about:

    Decatur – Small City, Extremely Long Red Lights!
    Decatur: We’re Only Pretending to Like You

    I once spent 2 weeks waiting for the light to turn green at an intersection in Decatur.

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