New “Authentic Napoletana Pizzeria” Opening at 314 Church Street

Late yesterday, Oakhurst Realty alerted us to this newest Decatur business via Twitter….

Sapori di Napoli to open at 314 Church. Authentic pizzeria operated by two Italian brothers that are 3rd generation restaurateurs.  Sapori di Napoli: Wood-burning oven has arrived from Italy and currently resides at Port of Savannah. On truck to Decatur soon…

I believe this is the old Remax location.  Great to have new retail extending down Church towards Trinity!

32 thoughts on “New “Authentic Napoletana Pizzeria” Opening at 314 Church Street”

  1. I think this is going into the old Function Engineering office next door to the Remax office. I saw the some work was going on there over the weekend. Or is this restaurant taking both suites in the building?

    1. Granted, it is another pizza place but Johnny’s is a chain serving incredibly average pizza. I don’t even think of it as a option when considering where I might eat in Decatur. A pizza place being opened by two Italian brothers using a wood burning oven imported from Italy is quite different. I am excited they are coming and plan to patronize the place soon as they open.

      1. “Johnny’s is a chain serving incredibly average pizza”

        Agreed. That’s why I have never patronized the place. I would look forward to the real thing. Best wishes, Sapori di Napoli !

      2. Comparing authentic italian pizza to what Johnny’s serves is like comparing lasagna to horse shoes.

      3. Yeah, there may be a few pizza places in Decatur already, but none that I even consider (except maybe Avellino’s) when I am thinking about places to eat. I am excited!

  2. Hey, let’s not forget Johnny’s main contribution to Decatur: the awesome mural featuring the Ramones AND KISS! I’ve always thought of Johnny’s as mainly serving Decatur’s “free-range” middle schoolers. Like Tim Robbins says in Hudsucker Proxy, “You know, for the kids!” Looking forward to a new Italian contender in the ATL best pizza throwdown!

    1. That’s what I was thinking…man! If it’s half as good as Antico, they’re gonna have very loyal customers in the spousal unit & me.

  3. I just hope that this surge in pizza places doesn’t end up like the surge in ice cream places several years ago – how many of those survived?

    1. Agree. Too many coffee places for awhile too. And bookstores. And now there’s a cluster of sandwichy/sub type places. And burger places. And places with “farm” in the name. And running shoe sellers. I’ve often wondered whether there’s a place in City of Decatur where aspiring entrepreneurs could scope out what else is soon to open. How can they avoid being one of five entrepreneurs who all astutely assessed a lack of a type of business in Decatur so decided to quit their day jobs and invest their life savings into opening one, thinking it be one such business, not one of five?

  4. Nothing wrong with some competition. It’ll make all the other pizza spots up their game. If they don’t, they’ll go the way of the dodo.

    1. Yes, but my concern is that the competition will result in all of them dying. I remember how excited I was that there was *finally* going to be something other than Dairy Queen for an ice cream fix. Problem was, suddenly we had a glut and all those new businesses struggling to get started couldn’t withstand the division of consumers. At least that’s what I think happened. I certainly don’t think it was that Jakes, Cold Stone or (gosh, what was the name of that other ice cream place that opened next to the tracks?) served inferior product – especially compared to Dairy Queen, which is the sole survivor. Luckily, Yogurt Tap waited out the glut and extinction and now serves the purpose in a somewhat healthier way, but that’s a whole different topic. It’s just so hard for a new business to make it that it’s often the new that dies instead of a perhaps more deserving, but established, b’ness.

      1. Ashby’s or Ashton’s, something like that. And briefly there was a coffee and gelato place where Cafe Lily now is, sometime around 1996. I agree that it was too many, too fast. However, I’ve always heard that the demise of Jake’s, not just the Decatur location, but all of them, was due to a poor business model and/or management. I got the sense that the owners of the Decatur franchise–Andrew and Moira?–did a great job in terms of locations (first where Tesoro is and then next to LSOS) and quality but were stymied by poor management that made it hard to get loans. Something like that.

        Sometimes you just have to go figure. I liked the coffee and atmosphere at Cafe Cliche better than at Dancing Goats but the former never took off while the latter is booming. It had ice cream too and opened in the summer, all before Yogurt Tap arrived, still no go. I like the New Orleans Snoball Cafe that replaced it but I never figured that interesting but weird shaved ice would make it. So far, so good. Go figure.

        1. Mrs. Token would say there’s a lot weird about me. But I love music. And hate cheese. And cheese cake. And cream cheese.

  5. Explains that generous coupon I got in the mail from Zucca yesterday, even though I’ve never eaten there.

  6. Yay! wood-burning isn’t quite as tasty (to me) as coal a fired oven but so glad we may finally have something pizza intown. I love KISS and the mural too, but go to mojo in oakhurst for a decent slice nearby. (mellow isn’t bad, but not special).
    maybe a separate thread but man, i cant get the iberian pig people to STOP emailing me.
    it seems kinda desperate to me to get cruddy coupons all the time. (i say cruddy because they seem to small to really pull me in. just a free app? hmmm)

    1. But the inside of Mojo’s smells like the place hasn’t been cleaned in forever — doesn’t that worry you? Speaking of unclean, a member of the wait staff at Raging Burrito, upon refusing to wipe down the spilled salsa on one of the tables, quipped, “We don’t clean the outside tables.” That was the end of my patronage of that establishment.

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