Dog Found in Emory Commons Parking Lot

Joe writes in…

My wife and I saw this dog walk over from the apartments behind the old Jake’s ice cream to the Publix parking lot. No collar. Definitely someones dog. Hopped right into the car. Well behaved.

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  1. You can take the dog to any vet and have him/her scanned for a microchip to help with identification. Village Vets (on S. McDonough, near DQ) has an emergency room open on Sundays. Good luck!

  2. After about 2.5 hrs we found the owners!
    called decatur pd after we found him to see if anyone from CoD had reported him missing, they said no, called Dekalb Animal control, they took our info and said someone could come by sometime (yay dekalb for having no idea about ETAs) however about 2 hrs into hanging out with the dog, dekalb called back and said they had the owners on the other line and wanted to know if we were still with the dog, so a bit later the owners showed up, an older couple who said they had been looking for him since the morning, she was excited to see them and jumped right in the front seat!
    Dog Found!

  3. Thanks for picking up this nice poochie and keeping him safe until the owners could be found. You’re the kind of people who make Decatur such a wonderful city!

  4. I’m glad this story had a happy ending. Contrast it with what my brother and his gf, who live in the ironically-named neighborhood of Joyland (near Turner Field), have been confronted with since their dog disappeared on Thursday: After posting hundreds of missing dog flyers around the neighborhood, they’ve received constant prank calls from charming folks who think it is amusing to tell them that they took their dog to the pound to be euthanized or perpetrated other kinds of abuse upon her. Kids in the neighborhood, when asked, say they’ve seen the dog, then admit they lied when my brother tries to follow up. They’ve given up hope at this point and are so disgusted that they plan to move.

    1. I remember playing pranks when I was younger (as most people did), but I can’t imagine doing something like this. Even for the self-centered teenager I was, this would have been way out of bounds for me.

      I’m sorry your brother and his girlfriend have to deal with this.

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