Decatur Orange Kitten Ready for Adoption

Susan is looking for a permanent home for this cute orange kitten living in Decatur…

Tigger has been posted on Petfinder for weeks but with kitten season in high gear, hasn’t found his future family yet. He started life in an apartment complex parking lot, but is now with a foster family in Decatur. He’s good with dogs and other cats.

Small Dog Found on Decatur Post Office Property

Joe at Feather Baby writes in…

Please tell our neighbors I found this sweet little guy at the Post Office on Ponce yesterday afternoon. He’s a small terrier mix, about the size of a house cat.
Friendly and well-behaved, this dog seems to be well cared for and I image his owners miss him very much.  Maybe he escaped from the nearby dog run. If any readers recognize him, please shoot me an email.
You can reach Joe at [email protected]

Lab/Husky Mix Found on Scott Boulevard

Michelle writes in…

We found a sweet male puppy two days ago, around 5:30 a.m. running on Scott Blvd, near the Clairemont intersection.

He’s a golden lab/husky mix and is wearing a red collar. No tags to id him nor is he chipped (we checked with the vet).  They estimate him to be around 8-10 mos old.

We can be reached via the following ways:

Michelle – [email protected] 404-664-5264 – mobile
Ashish – [email protected] 678-571-9769 – mobile

Thank you.  We’re keeping him until his owners can hopefully be located.


Brown Lab Mix (?) Found in Decatur

Jeff writes in that Decatur Police found this dog in the city limits and he’s looking for the owner.  Please contact him at [email protected] or 404-414-3110.

Cat Missing From Adair Oaks

Sarah writes in…

Our sweet furbaby is missing. I was wondering if you could post something to help us find her?

If so, her name is Pensy. she’s super sweet but very skiddish. she went missing from Adair Oaks. she’s an indoor only kitty so we’re really worried about her.
If you see this kitty, you can contact Sarah at [email protected]

Can Someone Take This Pup In?


Marianne writes in…

My friend went to Adair Dog park this morning and found an abandoned puppy. Someone dumped him there last night. She has to go to work and there is no one to take him in. Can you post something so this puppy is taken in by someone?

If you can help or know someone who can, please contact Marianne at [email protected]

Sweet Old Dog Found at Dancing Goats

Do you know this dog? She was found Sunday evening, November 6, wandering the Dancing Goats parking lot. The good folks at the Village Vets have confirmed she has no microchip ID so we turn to you, the DM Nation.

She’s presently safe with a place to sleep but it’s a short-term situation. Please spread the word and leave any relevant information or updates in the comments. Let’s get this old girl home!