Maintenance on Clairemont Ave Begins Tomorrow, Expect Delays

From Catherine Lee on The Decatur Minute

Beginning December 3, the Georgia Department of Transportation will be replacing storm water pipe across the 600 block of Clairemont Ave. Two lanes of traffic will be closed daily until the work is complete. Traffic congestion should be expected and alternate routes should be used if possible. Notices to the affected properties have been posted and two message boards are in place to provide updated information as available. We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to the improved drainage after this work is completed.

If you have no clue where the “600 block of Clairemont” is, here’s a map to help you out.  If you hate maps, but love Decatur street-names, 600 is around the intersection of Wilton Drive and Michigan Ave with Clairemont.

4 thoughts on “Maintenance on Clairemont Ave Begins Tomorrow, Expect Delays”

  1. Sounds important and necessary and lots of notice has been given. Any ideas anyone on how long this is supposed to take?

      1. While we’re on the subject…why do the message boards abbreviate Clairmont as “C-MOUNT” near Scott Blvd. and “C-MONT” near Commerce?

        (typos make me LAFFS OUTA LOUDS!!!1!)

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