“A Great Day in Decatur” Photo Shoot Next Thursday

Ryan at Lenz writes in…

We have more exciting, creative news from the book fest.

Are you familiar with the historic 1958 photo, “A Great Day in Harlem,” that featured tons of living jazz legends (photo and more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Great_Day_in_Harlem)? We’re creating our own version for all the amazing authors who call Decatur home, including new US Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, Joshilyn Jackson, Amanda Kyle Williams, James Dean, and many more.

This will happen next Thursday, June 28, at 5 p.m. on the steps of the Old Courthouse on the Decatur Square. This is a community event, open to the public. Following the shoot, there will be a reception upstairs at the Old Courthouse to kick off the AJC DBF “My Festival” campaign in which authors, local business owners, and area residents share the reasons they love and feel ownership in the festival.

According to the press release, Decatur Book Fest Exec Director Daren Wang also expects these 30030 authors to be posing in the photo…

Mickey Baskett, Amy Benson Brown, Joe Crespino, James Dean, Amber Dermont, Elizabeth Dulemba, Ken Foskett, Tony Martin,Terra Elan McVoy, Andisheh Nouraee, Susan Puckett, Josh Russell, Allen Tullos, and Kevin Young.

19 thoughts on ““A Great Day in Decatur” Photo Shoot Next Thursday”

    1. omg, that’s great. Dang Wang.
      Nonetheless I am letting my book group know about this.
      And maybe I will finally get to meet Andisheh, the funniest voice on the internet.

          1. But if he did, do you think he would pronounce Dang Wang as rhyming with Bang Bang or with Dong Dong?

        1. Awwww…c’mon! It’s kinda cute– and surely some of your friends, over the years, have looked at you & said, “Dang, Wang!” after a particularly pointed bon mot.

  1. Someone needs to invite Ryan Gainey – He is the author of numerous books on garden style, and untold articles to national magazines.

  2. anyone know the woman who wrote the book on the Brick store pub? I’ve met her, can’t remember her name.

  3. Please don’t forget my Glenn Circle neighbor – Jon Schneer. Several books, most recently The Balfour Convention.

  4. Just to be perfect clear, if you’ve got a book with a traditional imprint and a city of Decatur address, then you are invited to be in the photo. Please pass this around.

    I don’t claim to know of all the authors in our town, so I need folks to help me get the word out.

    And everyone, author or not, should come out for the reception. We can check out Andisheh, and his newly developed muscles.

    1. thanks for the clarification, Daren. Was just getting ready to suggest two more names, and I’ll try to contact them — Leonard Ray Teel, author of “Ralph Emerson McGill: Voices Of The Southern Conscience”, and Joe Earle, whose book was called simply “Decatur.” Both are still Decatur residents, I believe.

  5. Fabulous idea!

    I think local author Zachary Steele deserves an invite! Wonderful writer AND owned one of the best book stores Decatur has ever seen.


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