Decatur Christmas Tree Goes Up

Heather sends in this great action shot of the Decatur Christmas Tree being installed above Little Shop of Stories on Decatur’s East Courthouse Square.

The official tree lighting is tomorrow night to coincide with another Terrific Thursdays.

16 thoughts on “Decatur Christmas Tree Goes Up”

  1. Your Terrific Thursdays link is to last years site. But sounds like tree lighting will still be at 7pm tomorrow.

    1. Brick Store might beg to differ, but maybe they encourage each other, as many is the time I’ve become soused at BS, stumbled over to LSoS and added another volume to my extensive Sweet Valley High library. And we don’t even have kids.

      On second thought, I probably shouldn’t drink and shop.

  2. Nothing warms the heart like old fashioned goodness! Thanks LSOS!

    ( Sure do wish someone would just plop my decorated tree into the living room! Save me all the attic trips…and from those #@$! strands of lights!)

    1. Oh, if it were so simple for us as well. To give you an idea, Krista (the girl who loves Christmas) blogged about last year’s adventure. It can be viewed at This year’s version became much more complicated as we went for a taller tree which was considerably heavier and had a trunk with greater girth.

      Come see the results tonight at 7 o’clock. Dress warm!

      (For a great article on the tree at Rockefeller Center, check out this article:

      1. Thanks for sharing the laughs with your Christmas tale! I’ll be smiling as I climb that attic ladder! :0)

  3. Wooo! as long as me and the the mrs. get off work in time we’ll be walking down to check this out tonight! and the new pita pit!

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