Feast Owner Planning to Open “Farmstead 303” in Decatur Depot

The DNO tweets

Feast owner announces @ #DecaturGa business assoc meeting she’s close to a deal to open “Farmstead 303” in Depeaux space. Upscale meat & 3.

24 thoughts on “Feast Owner Planning to Open “Farmstead 303” in Decatur Depot”

    1. I was kind of excited until I read the part about “think OK Cafe.” Is OK Cafe supposed to be upscale meat & 3?

      1. Same here! Feast is one of my favorite Decatur restaurants, and I was hoping for a new venue along similar lines. I’d not heard of the OK Café, but a quick look on the web makes me think that we have a lot of places like that in Decatur – the new Greek place in the ABC location, J Christopher, Thumbs Up, etc. Maybe that’s why the new Feast venture might be steering clear of breakfast!

        1. If you were to go to OK Cafe, you would see it’s not like any of those places, with the possible exception of the yet-to-be named or opened former ABC location.

          1. I’ve often wished for an OK Cafe over here. Second only to my dream for our very own Alon’s. I think it’s great news. Hopefully, this will work out well for Teri and the Sharkey’s.

  1. I like Feast. I wish they’d put the pork chop back on the menu. That was the best main course I’ve ever had at a Decatur restaurant. They should also bring you your bread more than 30 seconds before your entree arrives.

    Those minor quibbles aside, I’m glad something that’s likely to be good is going to open in the depot.

  2. I’m gonna hold out for a “Veggie & 3” – think fried okra with a side of turkey & gravy, pulled pork sandwich, and meat loaf. Oh and bottomless glass of sweet tea! *HEAVEN*

    1. LOL! I started to commend you on having the palate of a true Southerner (even if you were, perchance, born somewhere else), but then I realized: you would’ve batted a .1000 by making that “veggie” a side of macaroni & cheese!

  3. So is it official that Depeaux is a goner? Haven’t seen any updates lately since they cut back the number of days it was open.

  4. Teri-So proud of you! Can’t wait to dine @ Farmstead 303!! Think this is a perfect concept for that location! GREAT success…Godpseed!!! xoxo

  5. It will be Great to have southern- natural comfort food in that beautiful old historic building .

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