Getting Your Mouse on Campaign Disclosures

Over on the AJC, retired reporter Jim Walls of Atlanta Unfiltered writes of the ongoing difficulties of obtaining political campaign disclosures for various Atlanta metro candidates.

“Last week, I paid $6 to park and pick up disclosures for Atlanta’s mayor and City Council.

The municipal clerk’s office is supposed to open at 8:30 a.m. I sat on the floor outside until someone unlocked the door 20 minutes later. Then I was told that the guy who could burn the files to a CD wasn’t in, so I needed to come back later.”

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Day-Trippin’ – City Edition

Having been on the road a bit the past few days, I’ve been thinking a bit more than usual beyond the confines of good ol’ Decatur. (Gasp!)

Many of us are frequently gushing with pride for our east Atlanta haven, but like any healthy relationship, every once in a while you really need to take a break.

However, in the past I’ve found many online lists of recommendations to be more than lacking, so I thought some of us might benefit from some helpful neighborly advice about where to hang your traveling hat when your looking to escape the metro for a few days by car for a day-trip or weekend getaway.

As suggested by the title, I thought we might divide up the discussion into two posts: urban and rural. Today, feel free to recommend your favorite city and town escapes and then next Monday we’ll focus on less-populated retreats.

So whatcha got?