Banned Book Week at Decatur High School

banned book week at dhs

DHS teacher Chris Billingsley writes in…

Decatur High School is celebrating national “Banned Books Week”. We have a terrific display in the library containing books banned in the past, such as Ayn Rand- “The Fountainhead”, Harper Lee- “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Ernest Hemingway- “A Farewell To Arms”, Jack London- The Call Of The Wild” (according to the book cover, it was burned in Nazi Germany), J.D. Salinger- “The Catcher In The Rye”, and Pat Conroy’s “Beach Music”. In addition to the display, posters throughout the school and morning announcements promote the celebration.

FYI- The DHS library contains all the books listed above except Conroy’s “Beach Music”.

Ban books.  Sounds like something that a bunch of “phonies” would dream up! 😉

3 thoughts on “Banned Book Week at Decatur High School”

  1. This is great! What a creative idea to bring attention to some groundbreaking books and encourage their readership. Well done, DHS.

  2. Little Shop of Stories is also celebrating and has a similar display (and planned banned reading events)!

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