Winnona Park Car Stolen; College Ave CITGO Station Burglarized

DWAFD sends in this message originally posted on the Winnona Park message board.  Not sure of the author.

Sometime late last night or early this morning, a car was stolen on the 100 block of Shadowmoor; the victim had left the car unlocked. Also, during the same period, the CITGO station on the corner of Commerce and E. College was burglarized. The theives somehow jimmied the window behind the ice machine outside and they ran off with the store’s suppply of cigarettes.

As the neighborhood watch person for this area, I once again caution never to leave the car (or garage windows or doors) unlocked for any reason an also consider purchasing an anti-theft device for the car. Winnona Park is normally a safe neighborhood so incidents like this are very disturbing. Let’s keep an eye out for each other; we can’t watch 24 hours a day but always call the police if you see or hear anything suspicious. I’d rather they investigate and find nothing wrong then to ignore it and find out that a crime has been committed.

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  1. I’m sort of surprised that this didn’t elicit the usual round of “OMG, Decatur has gone to H…” comments that usually follow such stories here. Maybe folks are becoming a little more rational.

    1. That’s because nobody has realized yet that the kids running amok in restaturants are the same ones stealing cars in Decatur. Once they make that connection, it’s gonna get ugly.

      1. The solution: Westchester! And if those thieves don’t like it in Decatur, they can just move somewhere else!

        1. The solution is, of course, a border wall between our city limits and Atlanta. That will keep out all the riff-raff who can’t seem to keep themselves in their own neighborhoods!

    2. OK, I’ll oblige:

      OMG! Decatur is going to Hades in a handbasket! Those dratted kids– first they ruin our restaurants & evenings out, then they rip off our cars & rob our gas stations! *wringing hands* What’ll they do next? Dump their dirty diapers on our doorsteps??? We need more police. And fire trucks. And animal control. And daycare centers with BARS!

    1. Ouch, Rebeccab. I wasn’t trying to be snarky, I was just attempting a lighthearted joke in response to Steve. Really, I wasn’t attacking you or anyone else in the child-in-restaurants discussion.

  2. And where is DM? It’s quite clear we can’t be trusted to monitor ourselves (and by that i mean me.)

    I wanted to post on FAF. My vet sent me a letter saying even dogs, can get the flu. Sometimes i forget that type of deal. I’m not getting vaccinated, but i definitely will vaccinate Lizzie. I’m really not sure how seriously, i should take this h1n1 thing, i’m fine, but with my little one, 4 legged, i take no chances. Parents, please chime in.

    1. I heard on the radio, NPR if I recall correctly, that indeed dogs can get the flu, even H1N1. This is especially true when the dog is contact with a lot of other dogs, i.e. dog parks, doggie daycares, etc. So I would suggest immunization for your pup though I don’t believe there is a specific H1N1 shot for dogs.
      Swine flu has already made a round of my daughter’s preK class and it was very mild. I’ve spoken with one of the affected child’s parents and it seemed to be very mild, maybe even milder than the seasonal flu.

      1. By all means let’s inject ourselves with neurotoxins and dangerous chemicals and metals so that we can avoid getting a flu that’s even milder than the seasonal flu! We wouldn’t want to build up our immune systems naturally. That’s so old-fashioned!

        1. Re novel H1N1 (swine) flu: See AJC page 1 today. New flu strain can cause mild illness but still has small but observable risk of more serious illness and even death, occasionally even in healthy persons. That’s only one piece of info that someone might consider in their decision about vaccination but wouldn’t want anyone to think the new flu strain was benign.

    2. I wasn’t completely clear in my original post. To CSD’s point, I would only suggest immunization for your dog if she’s comes in contact with a lot of other dogs. If he’s a stay at home dog, I wouldn’t bother.

    3. The folks at Village Vet said they had a big meeting on this and generally decided that the media hype far outweighed the real risk. They will vaccinate if someone wants it, but are not generally recommending it.

      1. Steve- my letter says something to the effect ( can’t type word for word) but you are receiving this letter because you have had your dog vaccinated with the kennel cough (bordetalla) vaccine. In most cases this tells us you take your dog to “doggie day care”. This strain of flu is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS between dogs and can be spread before signs appear. Unlike the “swine” flu, this virus cannot infect humans but is just as dangerous as to dogs as swine flu is to us.

        blah blah blah

        All the caps were theirs, not mine.

        Apparently, the pup flu shot will soon be like other shots, required. I’m ok with that.

        My vet ridiculed me when i first go my dog from the humane society. I took her in, and said, i think she has dry skin. The vet said, how often do you bathe her? And i said, everyday of course. And he looked at me shocked and said, “don’t do that anymore.” She always smells like Aveda, what can i say?

        If you take your dog to the park, please vaccinate, i’m pretty sure the rabies one is the law but i’m still brushing up on GA stuff.

        My neighbor lets her putbull out in the front yard, no gate, she’s a nice person, but i don’t think this is allowed. She also has a small child. What can i say, money can’t buy common sense sadly.

        1. We were taking our dogs to board, which is why we inquired, and the comment I related was the result of that inquiry. I have a great deal of respect for the folks at Village Vet. They are all top-notch and have the only accredited animal hospital in the area.

          And yes, rabies vaccinations are required in Georgia, as I imagine they are in all states. The 3 year dosage is much more convenient.

          And, an unleashed dog is illegal in Decatur and DeKalb County, for the protection of all parties.

  3. Sometimes a freak-bomb is necessary when someone decides to do some sort of kamikaze mission to snark out everyone in the thread.

    Many folks here can sarcaz with the best of them, but choose to abstain. If restraint is no longer possible just let me know and I’ll add you to the moderation list.

    Hugs and sarcastic kisses,
    Unicorn Man

  4. When I think about wellness for myself and my kids, I don’t want “nature” to build our immune system in all circumstances. For that matter, I’m fairly certain that the “hygiene hypothesis” that is being eluded to above in this thread is not well defined (that is, the understanding of what types of exposures, at what times, build the immune system). Sure, my kids getting head-colds at daycare is one thing; but I do not want me or my kids to get polio, measles, mumps, rubella, or for that matter, norovirus, e-coli, amoebic dysentary or chryptospiridium (sp?) in an attempt to “build” our immune systems. All are part of nature, I believe? For me, nature is not unequivocally good; nor are human-made inventions unequivocally bad.

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