Terra Mater To Close, Decatur CD to Expand (and Serve Beer?)

OK…I swear this isn’t an April Fools thing. If it IS, its Decatur CD who’s duped me.

UPDATE: I was duped. Everthing below is a hoax.

The latest Decatur CD newsletter has a very interesting announcement in it. Apparently neighboring Terra Mater salon is closing and Decatur CD is expanding into that space. Plans include expanded LP and DVD sections, along with a high-end pub.

I’m totally serious! In fact, I’m super-serious!

Here, read the email (after the jump) for yourself if you don’t believe me!

It is our pleasure to bestow some fantastic news upon you all. After more than 15 years of serving as the Atlanta metro area’s finest salon, our neighbors and building mates, the ladies of Terra Mater, are calling it quits. No, you mean-spirited hooligan, that’s not the good news! While a moment of silence must be observed, the silver lining is that our friend Beth, owner of Terra Mater, is partnering up with Decatur CD.

That’s right, ladies and gents. We’ll actually be cutting a perfectly door-sized hole in the wall in between our businesses and dramatically expanding our musical inventory. The plan is to start carrying a lot more vinyl (after all, the response has been overwhelming to our currect stock), additional DVDs, and who knows what else? If we get particularly foolish, maybe we’ll stock some sheet music to boot. It’s going to be great, and indicative of just what we’ll do to serve your needs. Beth is extra excited about this news, and would actually like to hear from each and every one of you. How do you best think we could implement her space into what we’re doing with Decatur CD right now? Stop by and chat with her. She’d appreciate it.

We’ve been looking forward to broadening our horizons for a while, and frankly, we’re due. Seriously, have you taken a look at Rock/Pop E-G recently? You couldn’t fit a greased-up CD in there with the force of a thousand angry Braves fans! But we digress…

We can’t say much about the final and perhaps most exciting development that will come with our expansion, but we are in preliminary talks with some breweries (with careful consultation with those geniuses down the street at the Brick Store), and are hoping to become the first ever record store/high-end pub combo in history. You know how we roll, and the beers on tap will be some of the best in the land. Dogfish Head, Victory, Brooklyn, Allagash, these are names you’ll see at the DCD Pub.

Look forward to the future, folks! It’s only looking up for Decatur CD.