Sara Watkins In Store Performance at Decatur CD Saturday

Fan of the now defunct Nickel Creek?  Decatur CD’s hosted Chris Thile in the past, and now they’ve got Sara Watkins in store this Saturday afternoon!

Decatur CD April Fools Joke Fooled About 75% of Its Readers

Atlanta Magazine writes on its blog that Decatur CD’s annual April Fools joke put one over on about 75% of the people who read it.

Publicized in its newsletter and on its blog, Decatur CD explained that they were getting rid of all of their CDs, building a “swanky vinyl room” and transitioning to a shop that sells downloads instead of tactile music mediums.

I posted it with a ;-), because I’ll never forget the year they put one over on me, when they reported they were expanding into the Terra Mater space and turning the shop into a pub.  Scared for life!

But all in good fun!  Good one fellas!

Decatur CD Says Its Getting Rid of CDs

😉 From the Decatur CD blog

They say “change is good,” and we’re banking on the truth of that statement in these coming months. Times are tough, as you know, and we’ve been duking it out with the best of ’em these past eight years. But the music-buying public is not what it once was, and in order to survive as a doggedly independent, brick-and-mortar shop, we’re going to have to adapt to those changes, while finding a feasible way to lower our day-to-day costs.

We can’t move. Good ol’ 356 W. Ponce is our home; relocation doesn’t make sense. We can’t cut back our staff, because three people is already pretty bare bones. Frankly, we could use an extra set of hands around here sometimes, but the money just isn’t there. The only way we can feasibly save money would be to stop selling CDs.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

Kristian Bush Sighting at Decatur CD

FM Fats writes in…

Sugarland’s new album, The Incredible Machine, was released Tuesday. As I was driving down West Ponce on my way home, who should I see walking out of Decatur CD with a vinyl copy of the album but Kristian Bush. I guess he wanted to be the first one on his block with a copy, but you would think he might have some connections for freebies.

Oryx & Crake Free Concert at Decatur CD Saturday

Posing the immortal question:  Will the antelope of sprawl swallow the swallow?

OK, now that I’m done amusing myself…

There’s lots of Atlanta buzz around Oryx & Crake and their debut self-titled album so this should be a pretty slammed event.  More deets on the event over on Decatur CD’s blog.  (Yes, King of Pops will be there.  Someone inform Gutenberg.  That is, if cubalibre has let him out of her basement yet.)

Decatur CD Speaks Out About Sugarland “Tussle”

From the latest Decatur CD newsletter…

As you may have heard, we caused a bit of a tussle on the internet recently by speaking our mind about independent retail, Wal-Mart, Sugarland, etc. Quite a few media outlets (the AJC, L.A. Times, CMT’s blog, many others) picked up the story and the whole thing got blown a little out of proportion as far as we’re concerned. But hey, that’s the internet, is it not? Just to clear the air, Kristian Bush stopped by the store and he was a stand-up guy all around, talking with Warren for a good long while, chatting up customers, and so on. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, we won’t be stocking the current Sugarland release. However, Kristian did propose working with Decatur CD on a little event this fall. It’ll be fun and we’ll keep you posted when we have more details.