Decatur Schools Announce One Make Up Day

Got this note from our Elementary School this morning…

Last night, the board decided to only have us make up one day.  The teacher work day on March 12th will now be a regular school day. You will have the full February break (as of today).

City Schools of Decatur To Operate on 2-Hour Delay Friday

Here’s the skinny, from the CSD Facebook page…

City Schools of Decatur schools and offices will operate on a two-hour delay tomorrow, Friday, January 19, 2018.

-Buses will run two hours later than a normal school day for morning pick-up. Add two hours to your usual morning bus pick-up time. For example, a usual 6:45 am bus pick-up will be at 8:45 am.

-Schools will begin two hours later than usual. For example, Decatur High School begins at 8:30 am, but tomorrow Decatur High School will start at 10:30 am.

-Staff start times will begin two hours later than usual. For example, 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue staff usually report at 7:15 am, but tomorrow they should report by 9:15 am.

-Dismissal times for all schools will remain on a normal schedule. All after-school procedures, events, and activities will remain the same as a normal school day. For example, Decatur High School normally dismisses at 3:30 pm and will still dismiss at 3:30 pm tomorrow.

-Afternoon bus routes will run at the usual times.

Decatur Schools Will Be Closed Thursday

In case you have yet to hear!  From the CSD Facebook page…

City Schools of Decatur schools and offices will remain closed on Thursday, January 18, 2018, due to continued icy conditions and the forecast for dangerously cold wind chills. All scheduled events and activities are canceled.

At the January 23rd Board meeting, the Board will discuss the days missed this week and last week to decide on make up days. In case you missed the previous announcement, the three days missed following the mass power outages caused by the hurricane earlier this year will not be made up.

Decatur Schools Closed Tomorrow, Boundary Meeting Cancelled

From the City Schools of Decatur just now…

Due to extreme temperatures and the risk of icy road conditions, City Schools of Decatur will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17, 2018. All scheduled after school activities and events are canceled.

Also according to the CSD Facebook post…

including the Elementary Boundary Community Meeting.

CSD Elementary School Boundary Community Meeting Being Held Wed, January 17th

Stop by Decatur High School next Wednesday, January 17th from 6:30p to 8:30p to chime in on the new school zone boundaries that will need to go into effect in 2019 to accomodate the change to K-2 elementary schools.

Here’s the blurb from CSD…

City Schools of Decatur and the Elementary Boundary Planning Steering Committee are hosting a community meeting regarding the school zone  boundaries for all of our elementary schools. This engagement session will be an opportunity for community members to participate in a facilitated discussion to provide valuable feedback to the Board of Education. In addition, the committee will post an online survey to solicit further input after the meeting.

For more info on the whole process, dig in HERE.

Decatur Schools Closed Tomorrow Due To Forecasted Icy Conditions

From CSD…

Weather update from City Schools of Decatur- Out of an abundance of caution and awareness for the safety of our students and employees, City Schools of Decatur will be closed on Monday, January 8, 2018, due to potential icy road conditions. All scheduled after school activities and events are canceled for Monday, January 8.

Which 3-5 School Will You Be Closer To?

A commenter pointed out a link to a cool presentation from Cooperative Strategies regarding the upcoming CSD redistricting that provides some interesting maps and CSD school enrollment projections for us to ponder.

We’ve seen versions of many of these maps and tables before, but I thought the “Closest School Analysis” for the 3-5 schools, featured above, was a neat, new view.  It shows which school you are physically closer to after CSD builds the Talley Street 3-5 Academy.  I was surprised which one we were actually closer to.

Now just to be clear – these aren’t the boundaries, or even PROPOSED boundaries.  Just a look at distances from the two schools.  So save your energy. 🙂

What else do you see in these maps/this data of interest?