Wild Crab Seafood Bar Coming to Downtown Decatur

Scott snapped this photo of a sign hanging in the old DaVinci’s space in the CVS plaza at Ponce and Commerce Drive.

A quick web search doesn’t turn up any website or other locations.  Anyone have details??

8 thoughts on “Wild Crab Seafood Bar Coming to Downtown Decatur”

  1. I didn’t see it before but I like how my legs are an extension of the crab legs.

      1. Only took three tries. Not a lot of seafood lovers on this site, apparently!

        Anyway, I’m tentatively excited to have a seafood joint a block from my house, but seafood restaurants are VERY hit or miss. Will depend entirely on their sourcing.

  2. Wow, that is good timely reporting! I just drove by yesterday and was disappointed by lack of progress on the blank papered windows.

    Maybe Green Ginger next door is expanding their empire? BuHi is full of these Vietnamese spiced crawfish boil joints.

  3. I crave soft shell crabs–fried, sautéed, broiled, whatever. I will eat frequently at any restaurant that serves them. Just letting the universe know.

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