9 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. me thinks there’s an overabundance of empty storefronts sweeping through Decatur. On the sunny-side, at least they keep building more more empty storefronts!

    1. What empty storefronts? The only ones I can think of are the former Decatur Bikes, the Arts Institute Gallery space, and this Cakes and Ale space which apparently already has a prospective tenant. Are there others I’m not thinking of?

      1. Scratch Decatur Bikes from the “empty” list — there is activity there this week. Something new appears to be going in.

      2. The former DaVinci’s space is still vacant. And I’ve been hoping they’d find something cool to do with the vacant Art Institute of Atlanta space for a while now. Taziki’s closed a few weeks ago, but not really fair to count that because I don’t even think it’s been a month.

        There’s one or two empty spots in the row that houses Trackside Tavern, Piece of Cake, Etc. And the Trinity development still has some empty spots, I guess?

        I agree overall, there’s not that much vacancy to be alarmed about.

        1. Saw some brown paper over the windows at Davinci’s… maybe renovations for a new tenant?

          1. I saw workers at Davinci’s; just don’t know if it’s general reno or for a particular tenant. But it looked hopeful!

    1. and the trout with bacon aioli.

      I will miss C&A very, very much.

      I also celebrate the arrival of The White Bull. Every dish I’ve tasted has been excellent!

      1. Yes, that one too. The thought of never being able to have that again is seriously bumming me out.

        Thanks for reminding me about The White Bull. Have been remiss in trying it, but the menu certainly looks on point!

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