Niche Ranks Decatur #1 Place To Live in Georgia

Decatur took the top spot this year on Niche’s list of the Top Places to Live in Georgia.

Niche’s annual rank uses dozens of data points including performance of local schools, crime rates, climate, access to food, etc – and new this year, walkability.

Sherwood Forest, John’s Creek, Alpharetta, and Buckhead Forest round out the top 5.

Decatur also ranked #1 among the best suburbs in the state and #2 best place to raise a family behind John’s Creek.

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9 thoughts on “Niche Ranks Decatur #1 Place To Live in Georgia”

  1. Looking at the few negative comments… they speak of the crime and convenient access to malls. Who’s up for reviving the argument between postal Decatur versus city of Decatur?

  2. Yay! My photo!
    It is a great place to live. It’ll be even better when that Korean BBQ place opens up.

  3. MetroAtlanta/Decatur continues its massive attack on the environment, pushing its gentrification program, & its decline of appeal. What has happened in the past couple of years is disgraceful…

    1. I got a “D” in my Economics class in college, but I’m pretty sure I learned a lot about Supply and Demand. It’s extremely unfair to suggest that any municipality pushes a gentrification program. Rich people (Demand) wanted access to good schools (Supply). You could probably also throw in several other Supply sweeteners like walkability, engaged government, and the Beer Festival. You should be mad at all of your new neighbors, not the City.

    2. Plus, I’d say renewed interest and investment in cities has been an environmental plus, not attack. Notable levels of demand previously supplied in the form of farm-to-subdivision development is now delivered in places where infrastructure and transit already exist. Decatur’s downtown development houses with one acre the same amount of people that require 30-40 or more (often agricultural or undeveloped) acres the further out you go. And through both unit size and shared walls, multifamily buildings generally consume less energy per household.

      All to say, things ain’t all bad! πŸ˜‰

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