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  1. How should CSD deal with the upcoming walkout. Most students don’t want to be suspended or whatnot, but they do need to learn that Civil Disobedience has consequences.

    1. From Mr. Wiseman at Renfroe (who, by the way, ranks as the greatest school principal in the history of mankind):

      “Earlier this week I met with the Renfroe teacher leadership team, the RMS student council, and a group of 8th graders that have identified themselves as leaders of the proposed walkout (I’ll let you imagine which of these groups were the hardest to facilitate).

      Many RMS students plan to walkout. We will conduct a student survey today or tomorrow to determine the number of students that plan to walkout (with consequences), would like an indoor activity related to the issue (without consequences), or would rather not participate (without consequences). Information from the three groups of stakeholders, along with data collected from the student survey will inform the plan we make that ensures the safety and supervision of all students. More to follow in Tuesday’s eblast.”

      1. This applies more to high school students.


        I don’t know so much about how public schools work, but I’d think that stuff on a middle school “permanent record” wouldn’t carry too much weight in terms of college admissions. Be brave, youngsters. You are our hope.

        1. Thanks Lug. Just guessing that students applying to DeKalb Community College probably don’t have to worry about some little ol’ suspension compared to those applying to UGA or Tech. Students would be wise to think twice about participating in an activity they know will lead to a suspension.
          But there are other consequences students, teachers and parents should be aware of. Back in mid 1999s, many DHS students participated in a walkout over a coaching choice. I’ll spare you the ugly details about the coaching decision but the administration allowed students to walk out of classes, roam the halls and front of the school and disrupt the lunch periods for four days. When I asked the assistant principal about student behavior in the cafeteria (I was in charge of this at the time), I was told, “Let them blow off steam. This will be over by next week.” The protests ended but the hard feelings divided students and faculty for the rest of the year.
          Don’t think this protest will be any different. A former DHS teacher, who was there during the 1990s walkout and now works in downtown Tucker, told me the THS walkout last week
          was ugly. Students yelling and banging on cars. High school students watch social media. Peaceful protests don’t get much attention.
          My advice to DHS students and parents, think carefully about the upcoming walkout, especially if you plan on attending an elite school. But if your first choice is DeKalb Community, well then, “Power To The People Baby!”

          1. Ahh, Bill, I knew you’d chime in! Thanks for your perspective. Yale, by the way, is one of the po’ dunk colleges who won’t be rescinding admissions offers based on suspensions due to peaceful protest. https://admissions.yale.edu/bulldogs-blogs/hannah/2018/02/23/support-student-protests

            1. Oh my goodness Luggage; Yale. A university where out of staters can drop 200k for an undergraduate degree and not even attend a top 10 university in the world.

              Rgarding the protest, read on Patch that:
              “Schenxnyder’s group originally planned for the walkout on March 2, but has moved the date to sync with events planned by organizers of last years Women’s March in Washington D.C. Women’s March Youth Empower is similarly calling for a walkout on March 14.”

              These organizers?

          2. I know this is nit-picky but it just bothers me. How long have you lived here, Chris? DeKalb Community College was renamed Georgia Perimeter in 1997.

            1. Thanks tip.
              What’s next, Decatur Federal Savings and Loan?*
              I’m still upset that they changed the name of the Decatur Female Seminary!*
              *Insert Smiley Face

            2. Georgia Perimeter College was consolidated into Georgia State University two years ago, and is now one of their many colleges. The name is now GSU’s Perimeter College.
              Incidentally, it has not had the words “community college ” in its name in about 30 years. It was called “DeKalb College” for years, before becoming GPC.

        2. I love that some colleges are doing this.

          My kids have asked me what I think about the survey questions. I told them that if you’re going to stand up for what you believe and be civilly disobedient, there will sometimes be consequences. I said I don’t WANT them to get ISS, but I would be proud of them if they made their choice based on their beliefs.

  2. A message for the dolts who didn’t stop for me yesterday at the crosswalks on both South Candler and College:

    !!!PAY ATTENTION!!! The yellow lights were flashing, I was standing in the middle of the crosswalk(s), and I was wearing a neon green shirt that just about glows in the dark. Stevie Wonder could have seen me.

    1. Back in the day…. people were courteous, friendly and engaged. Today they are arrogant, rude and condescending. Why is this? Society? Self absorbed in themselves and their social media image (5,000 friends on Facebook does not make one popular)?
      I used to own the cabinet shop at the end of the building where the Trackside Tavern is now. People would walk and greet one another. We all knew each other as well. We were a community, not of activists but as neighbors.
      I just hope that the event that you experienced at the corner where Pizza By Candlelight used to be was a one time occurrence and does not reflect how we, as a community, live. I am also glad that you called “them” out on their behavior and the unsafe manner of the drivers. Most younger drivers do not realize that pedestrians do have the right of way while in a crosswalk. I am not sure if that intersection has a walk/don’t walk signal, but common courtesy, if nothing else, would dictate to let you cross. Like mom taught us “look both ways before crossing the street because you don’t know who’s been sippin’ moonshine”!

      1. There is a thing called an “easement”. That is why the city or county takes care of sidewalks. If the tree is damaging the sidewalk or curbing, it is creating a hazard. Report to the city or the county….if you have to take it to the county commissioner meeting or the city council meeting. “Safety First”

  3. Need some advice about a neighbor’s rotting tree that’s between the sidewalk and the street. Limbs from this tree have already taken out the surrounding houses’ power and internet and now it’s clear that one of the major trunks is totally rotten and could come down anytime. Will GA Power take out trees like this? Can it be reported to the city? I don’t think the tree’s owner is interested in doing anything about it.

    1. It is my experience that GA Power will not act. Once it falls and takes out power to the whole street, and they have to pay their crew OT, then they will act. But maybe you will be luckier.

    2. I would try and put a ticket in the SeeClickFix system.

      To be honest, I don’t have a lot of faith in that system as my tickets are well past a reasonable time to address the issue. But I believe it is supposed to be the avenue for items such as this.

    3. A few years ago I got Georgia Power to cut down a tree in my yard that was starting to lean over their lines. I was told that a tree had to be within 10 feet of their lines for them to do that. I told them specifically that it would be a lot cheaper for them to do it right then instead of waiting until it fell and tore out the lines. Their “arborist” said the tree was only turning towards the sun, but I insisted I had never seen a tree lean like that in my whole life! So they took it down, to my amazement.

    4. If it is in the verge (what that strip of land between the road and sidewalk is called…I looked it up!), you should contact the city (if you are in the city of Decatur). They arranged to have a dying tree taken out of the verge for us 30 years ago and for several other neighbors in the years since. They have been going through the city and marking dying trees with red ribbons or “x” and have been removing them slowly but surely. But they will come out to evaluate if it’s in the verge and not on someone’s lot.

  4. Any word on whether the kids will make up Wednesday’s “Water Main Break Day?”
    I think it was the 8th day of school cancelled so far this year, and they are only making up one….

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