A New Look at the Coming “Decatur Walk” Townhomes


As many are already aware, 24 Monte Hewett Townhomes at the northwest corner of the East Howard Ave and Hillyer intersection, called “East Howard Place”, are already taking shape.

But here’s a look at some new renderings of the other set of townhomes planned for the northeast corner of that intersection by John Wieland Homes, called “Decatur Walk“, which haven’t yet risen from the ground.   Here’s the description of the project from the website…

A new destination for downtown living is now selling in Decatur! Decatur Walk is a select opportunity to own a new luxury townhome in this sought-after location, combining thoughtfully designed exterior architecture honoring the history and character of the surrounding neighborhood with innovative interiors personalized for you and available features like elevators and rooftop sky terraces.

You can also view a few interior renderings over on the John Wieland Homes website.

21 thoughts on “A New Look at the Coming “Decatur Walk” Townhomes”

  1. My first thought was they look nice, and my second was they wouldn’t lend themselves to aging-in-place candidates. Lots of stairs through the four stories.

    1. They include elevators as an upgrade so, as long as you’ve devoted your working life to wealth creation, you’re good to go!

      1. “…as long as you’ve devoted your working life to wealth creation, you’re good to go!”

        Heck, at prices in the mid-to-high $600’s, you’d have to have done that to afford one of these babies in the first place!

    2. Many of John Weiland’s floor plans intentionally stack closets between floors so you can easily add an elevator at a later date.

  2. Is there off-street parking for residents and guests? Hillyer is already a pretty tight squeeze.

  3. Looks just like the townhomes overlooking Lowe’s in Edgewood. Do like that rooftop terrace, though.

    1. Opposite and up Howard from the old depot, next to the townhouses under construction, down the block the other way from the Ice House.

      1. I think on Hillyer at Howard, just down from Fellini’s, perpendicular to tracks.

        1. Oh great. More kids.

          And thanks. My directions are always landmarks, usually things from the 80s or 90s that may or may not exist anymore. Don’t ever ask me for directions to midtown.

  4. OK so my first caustic and extremely sarcastic comment was censored (DM why you do me like that?). So here is a more sanitized version. The architecture is reminiscent of shall we say, a correctional facility. Not sure how that, ” Honors the history and character of the surrounding neighborhood.” Sorry, I am just a tad bitter about all of the development.

    1. I’m assuming it “honors the history and character of the surrounding neighborhood” in the sense that it required approval under the Old Decatur Local Historic District, which has fairly strict stylistic parameters in keeping with those two criteria.

      1. I’m not sure it is in a local historic district. It was never advertised for Historic Preservation Commission approval.

        1. Link to the historic district overlays:

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