AJC Attempts to Explain the “e” in Clairemont Avenue

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The AJC’s Actual Factual Georgia feature tackled this question yesterday.

Q: Clairmont Road gains an “e” heading south toward Decatur, or Clairemont loses an “e” when heading north away from Decatur. What’s the story behind that?

The answer is incomplete at best, but it’s worth a quick look so you can bring it up at Decatur area holiday parties over the next few days!

Thanks to Chris for pointing out this feature!   He adds…

“Years ago, a local historian who researched at the DeKalb History Center (McCurdy?) told my students that the road was named after a beautiful girl named Claire.  The boys who courted her had to climb stairs to the house, “… To get to Claire, you had to climb the mountain.”  I always assumed that the Ridley house was across the street from the YMCA, a house with many steps but the AJC article says the land was at the corner of Clairemont and Garden Lane.”

Unfortunately, Sanborn Maps of Decatur only go a bit north of Williams Street (see above), so those don’t answer the question of the location of the Ridley house. However, the map does introduce another alternative spelling of the street, “Claremont Road”.

Perhaps there are just too many ways to misspell “Claire”.

9 thoughts on “AJC Attempts to Explain the “e” in Clairemont Avenue”

  1. This will never get worked out. No matter how long you live here, “Clairemont ” will never look right.

    1. After writing checks to Clairemont Elementary or Clairemont PTA for years and years, Clairmont will never look right to me!

  2. And the writer totally missed that it’s Clairemont Avenue within the city limits but Clairmont Road upon entering unincorporated (for now) DeKalb County.

    1. If Decatur ends up annexing a portion of Clairmont Road up to North Decatur Road, does that mean we get to change that portion to Clairemont Avenue?

      Clairemont 4ever!!!!

  3. I don’t really care about the road. But it is a pet peeve of mine when The Clermont is referred to as The Clairmont…

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