Decatur Ideas: Nashville Bike Share

I’m not sure my wife intended for this photo to be used for this purpose, but I thought it would be a great way to introduce my latest regular post idea.

Decaturites are always traveling the world, doing good, causing trouble, or “just chillaxin””.  And if they’re anything like me, along the way they are probably bumping into people, places and things that make them say, “Hmm, it’d be cool if Decatur had that!”.  (You may recall my “Portland Revelations” series last year)

So why not ask folks to snap a photo of the awesomeness in question and submit it to DM for discussion?  We’ve done many of these – unofficially – over the years, but I figured a more formalized request might increase the number of entries.  And they’re just ideas, not suggestions, mandates or additions to the Strategic Plan.

So here’s the first, courtesy of my wife: Nashville Green Bikes!  The city’s free bike share program started just last year.  Would such a program be successful in Decatur?