Mead Road Mardi Gras Is This Saturday!!

From Mead Road Mardi Gras Co-Founder Emily Berg…

Mead Rd. Mardi Gras is a homegrown carnival festival and fundraiser that raises money to fund music and arts grants in the Decatur City schools.

Since 2014, we’ve raised $20,000 that has bought instruments for the Renfroe and Decatur High School band programs.
Choral arrangements for Renfroe and DHS; African drums for the 4/5 Academy; instruments for Glennwood and Westchester Elementary schools and costumes for the DHS Drama program.

This year is our 5th year as fundraiser and our parade is on Saturday, Feb. 10 @ 1pm.

It begins at the 4/5 Academy at Oakview and 5th Ave and ends at The Imperial at W. College and Mead rd.

The festival lasts all afternoon with performances by the Black Sheep Ensemble, Seed & Feed Marching Abominibles, Wasted Potential, the DHS Chorus and cast of “Grease” as well as the FAVE African drum students.

The community is invited to sport the purple, green and gold, grab their beads and masks and come join us for the fun.

Happy Mardi Gras and laissez les bon temps rouler!

Photo courtesy of Emily Berg

Mead Road Mardi Gras Will Be Here Before We Know It!

Decatur’s Mead Road Mardi Gras is earlier than ever this year!  From the event’s website

Mead Rd. Mardi Gras is a homegrown fundraiser in Decatur, Georgia.

Get your friends together, create a Krewe, and join us on February 10th, 2018 at 1pm to celebrate Mardi Gras and raise money for the Decatur Education Foundation.

The parade winds its way through the Oakhurst Neighborhood and culminates with live music, Cajun cuisine, and kids activities at The Imperial.

All proceeds from Krewe sign up fees, Sponsorhips, and food and drink sales at The Imperial will fund Decatur Education Foundation grants that support music and arts in our schools.

Sign up HERE!

Photo courtesy of Mead Road Mardi Gras Website

Reminder: Mead Road Mardi Gras Hits the Streets of Oakhurst Tomorrow at 1p!

One of the first big Decatur events of Spring is here!  Mead Road Mardi Gras begins at FAVE tomorrow at 1p and takes the following route…

Organizers are asking that parade participants arrive at 4/5 Academy at 11:30.  As previously stated, the parade starts at 1p and ends a roudy time later at The Imperial at the corner of Mead Rd and W. College Ave.

If you need even more info, go check out the Mead Road Mardi Gras Facebook page.

Longer Route Planned For Mead Road Mardi Gras; Set For Saturday, February 25th

Emily writes in…

Not sure if you saw our banner go up in Harmony Park yesterday, but things are getting real for us at Mead Rd. Mardi Gras. Our parade is on Saturday Feb. 25 at 1p this year.
We have a couple of changes this year:
1) We have a longer parade route!  (please see map below)
2) Krewe’s can register online to participate –
As you know, we’re a walking parade and anyone is welcome to form a Krewe and comemarch with us.  In fact, the more the merrier.  Our only rule is we don’t have cars in or trucks in the parade.  But people can ride bikes, scooters or skateboards.   Or they can organize creative dance teams…  As long as it doesn’t have a motor, it’s good to go!
3) You can also pre-pay for food and beer online at that same link – ttps://
4) We will have a kids area with food, games and facepainting at Mead Rd. Park
This past fall the Decatur Education Foundation funded grants were used to buy costumes for the DHS drama program, equipment for the DHS Chorus, choral music arrangments for Renfroe and to start a Euphonium fund for the Renfroe band.
Thanks again for all of your support and we hope to see you there!
Photo courtesy of Next Stop…Decatur

Check Out This Great Video Report of Mead Road Mardi Gras

If you didn’t attend the Mead Road Mardi Gras Parade, be sure to check out this video report from David Naugle.

If you DID attend, you should also watch it, because it’s GREAT!

Of course, Decaturish had some great photos from the event as well. You can check those out HERE.

Superintendent To Lead Mead Road Mardi Gras Parade Tomorrow and Other Details

mead road mardi

Are all y’all ready for Mead Road Mardi Gras tomorrow?  Here’s a quick recap of the essentials:

Save the Date: Saturday (Samdi Gras) February 6, 2016!

The fun begins at Fifth Avenue Elementary on Oakview Road @ at 12:00 pm.   There will be face painting and float decorating and general merrymaking.  Beads will be provided and costuming is encouraged!

The parade steps off at 2pm and we’ll march up Oakview to Mead Road then on to The Imperial, at the corner of Mead and West College.

The Imperial will feature a special menu of red beans and rice, chicken and sausage gumbo and jambalaya.  There will also be student musicians rocking the house.  Proceeds from food and beer sales will support Decatur Education Foundation music grants for the Decatur City Schools.

And here’s an update on the festivities from organizer Emily Berg…

We have 20+ Krewes marching with us.

Dr. David Dude is our Big Chief (Grand Marshall) and Deb Baumgarten is our Queen.

Mayor Patti Garrett, Chantelle Rytter (Beltline parade founder) and Vincent Lewis (Mayor of Mead Rd.) are our parade judges and we’ll have prizes for the Best School Krewe, Best Krewe, Best Float Design, Best Decorate Bike or Scooter and Best Costumes.

There will be face-painting and games for the kids at The Imperial, live music by The Aerials, Rock by Bock student musicians, Scofflaw and The Black Sheep Ensemble.