Scott Boulevard Traffic Has Been Pretty Darn Terrible Since I-85 Collapse

As a regular ambler and driver along Scott Boulevard, let me be one of many people to tell you that it’s not currently an area you want to venture near in your motorized vehicle right now.

Especially during rush hour.

The I-85 bridge collapse has resulted in some pretty bad traffic along Scott during peak commuting times.  From my own observations, I’ve guessed that enough morning Atlanta commuters are now using Ponce and Scott to get from downtown Atlanta to Clairemont so they can take it northward to rejoin I-85 North.  So the left turn lane to Clairemont from Scott is now an even bigger mess than it already was in the mornings.

Principal Rochelle Lofstrand of Westchester Elementary – which unenviously sits along the clogged artery – noted the increase in traffic in a recent note to parents, warning car riders that they may want to find an alternative means of getting their kids to school for the time being.

The afternoon traffic – in my own limited experience – has also been nightmarish within the Decatur city limits, but its not as much about a specific chokepoint as it is about just being an overall, general mess.  I haven’t paid close attention enough to Scott Boulevard westbound in the afternoon, but eastbound is just a parking lot since Spring Break concluded, with long lines at the both Scott intersections at Clairemont and up at North Decatur Road.

As such, there’s not surprisingly been an increase in cut-thru traffic through Decatur neighborhoods in the area, which must be lots of fun for everyone.

Hang in there folks.  Apparently I-85 will reopen by June 15th.  So only…two more months-ish?

In the meantime, here’s a colorful GDOT graphic of Atlanta’s highways to pass the time.