UPDATED: Power Restored to West Ponce in Decatur After Morning Without Power

UPDATE II: Power seems to have been restored to most businesses and all the traffic lights along West Ponce.

UPDATE I: DPD doesn’t know the cause of the outage, but said GA Power plans to be working on it until around 3p.

Use caution driving or walking downtown today. Power seems to be out along most of West Ponce. Traffic lights are totally out and many businesses are closed.

I’ve asked the Decatur PD what’s up and will report back once I know more.

Storm Takes Down Tree at Maediris and Harold Bryd Drive


Last night’s pop-up storm was quite a doozy, huh?

Teresa sends in this pic and writes that this tree took down power lines last night and that the neighborhood was without power from 12a-7a this morning.

Wondering where Maediris and Harold Bryd are located?  HERE!

UPDATED: Power Restored, Scott Blvd Reopened

UPDATE:  The Decatur Minute is now saying that Scott has reopened.

Some of you are already discussing this in FFAF.  Here’s an update from The Decatur Minute

August 3 • 9:00 a.m.

A power pole on Scott Blvd caught fire last night so the power is out on Scott Blvd from Willow Lane to Superior Avenue. Decatur Public Safety and Georgia Power are on scene and it is estimated that the repairs should take two to three hours. Be advised that the two in-bound lanes on Scott Blvd are blocked, so use alternate streets if you must travel in this area.

Check back for any updates.

Tree Falls Into MAK District Home



SpiketheCat posted this jaw-dropping pic from the MAK District on Twitter.

My best to the owners.  I just hope no one was home and everyone is OK.

Wow.  I’m really impressed the tree didn’t fall completely thru the house.

Decatur Power Outages; Trees and Lines Down All Over the City

UPDATE II: Linda Harris reports at least 18 trees or major limbs down around the city.

UPDATE: There are a LOT of trees down in the city.  From comments it seems like at least 6 or 7 so far at various locations.  Reports of car fires, trees through houses and cars.

Here are affected areas reported thus far….Adiar/Ponce, Ponce Place, Kathryn Ave, Clifton, Jefferson Place, DHS Garden, Howard/Commerce, 2nd Ave, Oakview near Community Garden, South Candler between Kirk and Green.


Power has been hinky in Decatur since last night.  The AJC reports this morning that power was restored to 2,000 customers that lost power overnight.  (Personally, we only had a momentary outage in Ponce Heights).

But again this morning, there are more reports of outages, trees down and lines down across Decatur.

Downtown Deals With Power Outage

The AJC did a little leg (aka phone) work and found out how local Decatur businesses dealt with yesterday afternoon’s power outage.

Sounds like the area banks were the most put out.

Another Tree Down

Just got our power back after yet another tree fell across Nelson Ferry this afternoon. That’s two trees and one giant branch so far this year if anyone is counting.

I’ve had worse excuses to go to the Brick Store on a Wednesday night.