Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Underway!

Hey all – been meaning to point out that Decatur’s annual “Neighborhood Clean Up Days” are underway!  It’s easy to miss, so look for your street below and put a reminder on your phone.

Apologies to Lenox Place and Westchester, who’s Clean Up days have passed.

Photo courtesy of the City of Decatur

Great Lakes – March 24, 2018
Clairemont Avenue (100 to 800 block)
Champlain Street
Seneca Street
Erie Avenue
Huron Street
Michigan Avenue
Superior Avenue
Lucerne Street
Geneva Street
Superior Avenue (400 to 600 block)
Church Street (600 Block To 1335)
Willow Lane
Pensdale Road
Eastland Drive
Parkside Circle
Landover Drive
Ferndale Avenue
North Decatur Road
Scott Blvd (800 to 1300 Block)

Great Lakes –March 31, 2018
Clarion Avenue
Nelson Ferry Road Woodlawn Avenue Coventry Road(Nelson Ferry to Scott Blvd) Fairfield Street (Coventry to Woodlawn)
Vidal Blvd.
Lamont Drive
Garden Lane
Beaumont Avenue
Oakland Street
Montgomery Street
Fairview Avenue
Ponce de Leon Place
Northern Avenue
Wilton Drive

Decatur Heights Neighborhood – April 07, 2018
Barry Street
North Candler Street
Pate Street
East Maple Street
Village Walk
Sycamore Street
East Ponce de Leon Ave. (400 to 1100 Block)
Ponce de Leon Court
Hillyer Place
Sycamore Place
Oak Lane
Mountain View Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Springdale Street Continue reading “Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Underway!”

Decatur Proposes Streets To Be Paved in 2018

Each year, the city gets funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) program to pave a few local roads.

This year, the city is proposing paving the following streets, according to a letter included in the city commission’s agenda this evening

  • Westchester Drive – from Scott Boulevard to Harold Byrd Drive
  • Harold Byrd Drive – from Westchester to the dead end
  • Northern Ave – from West Ponce to Oakland Street
  • Avery Street – from Winnona Drive to Kirk Road
  • Fifth Avenue – from Oakview Road to Northern Street (city limits)

The city selects streets after an evaluation of streets from engineering stuff, and taking complaints and inquiries received from citizens into consideration.

Photo courtesy of Decatur Extreme Makeover website

Decatur To Start Installing Colorful New Crosswalks Downtown This Week

From the City’s Extreme Makeover website

Bright, unique, decorative designs will be installed on the City’s new downtown crosswalks (see them mapped here) starting Thursday, January 12. The work will start at the new raised crosswalk in the 200 block of East Ponce de Leon Avenue and will proceed to the west, with the new speed table at Ponce de Leon and Clairemont Avenue being done last. One additional crosswalk will be located in the 100 block of East Trinity Place.

The site goes on to say that the project will take 7-10 days, weather permitting.  “Limited two-way traffic will be maintained at each installation site through the use of flaggers, but drivers should expect delays during the work.”

Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Is On! What Are You Getting Rid Of?


Avoid the dangers of a max-capacity Pay-As-You Throw bag!

In case you did know, Decatur’s Neighborhood Clean Up Days (formerly “Super Trash Day” or “Trash Amnesty Day”) commenced earlier this month and run thru Saturday, June 4th.

If you’re new to Decatur, this is the one day a year when you can put most anything out by the curb and the city will pick it up and dispose of it.  The city summarizes the items it will take, thusly…

  • Yard trimmings
  • Building materials (not from the work of private contractors)
  • Tires
  • Furniture
  • Appliances (not containing Freon)
  • Trash that won’t fit into pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) bags

Pretty sweet huh?  However, they won’t take everything.  You can’t throw out the following items on Neighborhood Clean Up Day: Liquids, Dirt, Bricks, Blocks, Stone, rocks, or concrete, or Motor vehicle batteries or parts.

It’s that easy.

“OK, great.  So when is this glorious day?”, you ask.

Well, it’s staggered by neighborhood. Some neighborhoods’ clean up day have come and gone already (my bad), but here’s a quick summary of when neighborhoods should get their old water heaters and ovens out to the curb.

  • April 4th – Oakhurst Neighborhood #1
  • April 16th – Oakhurst Neighborhood #2
  • April 23rd – Winnona Park 
  • April 30th – MAK and College Heights Neighborhoods
  • May 7th – Westchester Neighborhood
  • May 14th – Decatur Heights Neighborhood
  • May 21st – Great Lakes Neighborhood
  • Jane 4th – Lenox Place Neighborhood

For the full list of streets associated with the following neighborhoods click HERE.

Trash on, dear neighbors.

Photo courtesy of Chris

Decatur To Continue Recycling Glass For Now


Many Decatur residents have been wondering whether Decatur will still be recycling glass in the future, after a recent AJC report noted many recyclers servicing metro Atlanta municipalities are shipping glass to landfills instead of recycling it.

Why?  Because it’s gotten expensive to sort out and recycle glass.

Well, it looks like the AJC followed up with Asst. City Manager David Junger who said that the city’s current contract with Latham Home Sanitation includes the recycling of glass.  That contract runs through June.

After that, Decatur’s commissioners are likely gonna have to make some tough decisions.  If glass recycling remains financially unsustainable, here’s the list of options that Mr. Junger provided…

  • Stop recycling glass
  • Have Latham collect glass separately
  • Have the city collect glass separately
  • Set up drop off locations in the city for glass recycling

As we have written about before, the recycling game is much more complex than our giant blue bins suggest.  And the big bin itself has been linked to part of the problem, as the size and convenience of the big bin leads to lazier recycling on our part.  Combine that with the complexity of separating the wide variety of items at recycling centers and you’ve got yourself a system that feels easy, but isn’t when it comes to the dollars and cents that drive the industry.

Water Outages Reported After Superior Water Main Break

I’ve been out of town the last couple of days, but residents have been reporting water outages and low pressure over the last few days. It’s due to a water main break at Superior Ave and Willow Lane,

Heres the note the city posted on the Decatur Minute yesterday. Decaturish is reporting that repairs will continue at least through Wednesday.

The DeKalb Department of Watershed Management notified us that their Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Division has initiated an emergency shutoff to the 14-inch water main located along Superior Avenue or an adjacent street to perform an emergency repair of the 14-inch water main. The Department of Watershed notified affected residents/businesses via letter with the following information:

“This letter will serve as formal notification that the County and/or its contractors will need to interrupt your water service to properly repair and 14-inch water main located in your community. Service interruptions are scheduled for Tuesday, December 29….

When the water is restored, you may notice air in your pipes and the water may be brown in color. Particles accumulate in water mains and can be stirred up as valves are operated and water flow patterns are changed. The discoloration isn’t harmful but can stain. We typically flush out the water main after improvements are made to remove air and rust, but are unable to flush out your individual service lines. Therefore, you may need to allow the water in your home to run a few minutes to rid the line of air and discoloration of water.”

Questions or concerns should be directed to the CIP Information Line at 1-800-986-1108 or email [email protected]

Decatur a Finalist for Atlanta Magazine’s “Groundbreaker of the Year” Award


Decatur is one of 11 finalists for this year’s Atlanta Magazine “Groundbreaker of the Year” Award.  According to the mag’s website, the program was launched in 2012 ” with the goal of honoring people and projects that make Atlanta a better place to live, emphasizing innovation and new ideas.”

The magazine’s theme for this year is “Building (and Rebuilding) a Better Place to Live.” “They explain, “We sought out smart work not only in development, but in preservation, parks, public art, and environmental stewardship. The 11 members of the 2015 class range from an urbanist project in the suburbs to a passionate advocate of public arts to a transformative reimagining of highway right-of-way.”

In its blurb, Decatur is recognized for its ongoing “environmental work” and it’s ARC Green Communities “platinum” status. The city’s current work with its “Better Together” diversity initiative, zoning changes to allow smaller housing options, the Lifelong Community Advisory Board and the MLK Service Program also all received a mention.

Decatur is up against a field of 10 worthy challengers, including a mixed use project in Alpharetta, Clark Howard’s involvement in Habitat for Humanity, MARTA CEO Keith Parker, Arts non-profit WonderRoot, PATH400 and others.

Take a look at all the candidates, and if you think Decatur is deserving of the award, you can vote for it HERE!

Photo courtesy of McVeigh Mangum