Support Decatur Farm-To-School with Dinner and/or a Movie

…on different days!

Kristin Allin of Cakes & Ale sends along ways in which you can enjoy a couple evenings out in April and help support Decatur’s Farm-To-School program.  For those clamoring for a Decatur movie theater, attending the movie might be warranted if only to see how  DHS’ new auditorium serves as a movie theater.

To all who want to help promote healthy foods for Decatur’s schools: please, please make plans to come out to one or both of these events in April! Both events need our participation to succeed and help raise funds for the Decatur Farm to School Initiative. Want to see a Sundance “Official Selection” film? Come to DHS on Saturday, April 17th for a screening of Dirt! The Movie. Need a date night? Family night? Girls or guys night out? Tuesday, April 20th is a great day to do so and help this cause while you’re having fun! Lastly, be sure to thank these participating businesses for helping raise funds and awareness for healthy foods in our schools.

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