Celebrating on a Rained Out July 4th

Decatur’s fireworks have been pushed back to September.  Avondale has rescheduled for late August.

And we aren’t alone.  It seems like most 4th of July parades and fireworks up and down the eastern seaboard have been cancelled today due to nasty weather and flooding.  So folks all over the U.S. are likely scrambling to schedule alternative plans to celebrate our country’s independence from ol’ King George.

All of this to ask the question “What indoor activities are you planning on today?”

Best Local Pedicure for the Money?

Scrub down those calluses and paint those nails!  In response to AHID’s request last week…

For those of us who are so revenue-negative that we don’t invest heavily in local bars and breweries, when can we do Best Local Pedicure for the Money?

Here ya go!

2012 Decorate Decatur Winners Announced

From the Decatur Minute…

Despite the wind and the rain, Decatur residents and businesses put on quite a display of holiday lights and décor! You’ll see a wide variety of decorating styles in Decatur this year- everything from classic white lights and greenery to vintage Santa cut outs and inflatable snowmen. You’ll even find a huge, candle-lit menorah complete with the Toy Story dinosaur and pig!

This year’s Commissioners Cup winner mixed colorful lights, adorable inflatables, and festive greenery. Congratulations to our friends and neighbors at 208 Mead Road!

See photos of all the winners HERE!

Photo courtesy of The Decatur Minute


Where are the Best Views in Decatur and Around Atlanta?

I thought of this question while waiting at the intersection of Church Street and North Decatur and was surprised to see that if you peer over the Nally car dealership, there’s a pretty nice view to the east.  Decatur doesn’t have a raging river to gaze tenderly, mournfully, or peacefully at, but we’ve got some decent high points – be them natural or built on great pillars of steel – where you can look at the west and see the hiccuping, vertical skyline of Atlanta (DOWNTOWN, Midtown, buckhead) and to the east you can sometimes get a peak at Stone Mountain.

So I thought I’d ask: where are your favorite views in Decatur and around Atlanta?  If anyone wants to snap a pic or two from their fav spot, I’m certainly willing to post a collection of them!  That could be very cool.

Photo – an old EOTS submission by Clark from the Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) building on East Ponce

The Dukes of Michigan Avenue

Paula writes in…

I have a small mystery for you! When we moved into our house in 2001, I found this wooden board in a closet. I set it aside, and forgot about it. I re-discovered it in a recent bought of Spring cleaning. As you can see from the picture, it seems to be part of a packing crate shipped to Mrs. Daniel F. Duke in Decatur in 1944, from PVT C.K. Duke, apparently stationed overseas. If it is a meaningful bit of family history to someone, I’d love to be able to return it to its rightful owner. The address on the board is Michigan Avenue, although we don’t live at that address. Perhaps one of your many readers knows something about the Dukes of Michigan Avenue?

Where Do You Like to Travel in the Fall?

Fall is coming!  Or it’s already here, if you’ve got kids in the CSD and they’re about to enter fall break next week!  To the south, the beaches are clearing out from the summer rush and to the north, tourists are beginning to fill up the hotels in the slightly cooler mountain towns.  Around the rest of the country, other things are happening, presumably.

So, where do you like to vacation in the fall?

Decatur Pools Make A Little Money for a Second Straight Year

Not a ton of money, but considering that most city pools lose money, it’s a reportable feat.

Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne provided this info at the end of the Decatur City Commission meeting last night.

With the Decatur pool season closed as of Labor Day, the final numbers showed that the City of Decatur made roughly $2,000 off its pool facilities again this year, with revenue of $169,500 and pool contracting fees totaling $167,600.

Also of interest according to the report, 70% of pool users this year were residents vs 30% non-residents.