2012 Decorate Decatur Winners Announced

From the Decatur Minute…

Despite the wind and the rain, Decatur residents and businesses put on quite a display of holiday lights and décor! You’ll see a wide variety of decorating styles in Decatur this year- everything from classic white lights and greenery to vintage Santa cut outs and inflatable snowmen. You’ll even find a huge, candle-lit menorah complete with the Toy Story dinosaur and pig!

This year’s Commissioners Cup winner mixed colorful lights, adorable inflatables, and festive greenery. Congratulations to our friends and neighbors at 208 Mead Road!

See photos of all the winners HERE!

Photo courtesy of The Decatur Minute


20 thoughts on “2012 Decorate Decatur Winners Announced”

  1. Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge, but I think there should be an automatic disqualification for inflatables.

    1. I agree, they are tacky. Like something you expect to see in unincorporated DeKalb, East Lake or other areas that keep trying call themselves “Decatur”!

    2. I’m with Scrooge on this one. What does it take to set an inflatable on your lawn and plug it in? About 12 seconds?

  2. My Scrooge-ish thought about the inflatables is wondering how much electricity it takes to keep them going. Don’t they use little fans?

  3. I’m so old school that I even think that prefab, prelit wire sculptures are cheating, especially if they are deer nodding their heads.

  4. Holiday lights just put me in a better mood. Thank you everyone in Decatur who has taken the time to put them up and foot the electricity bill). Congrats to the winners!

    1. Me too. There’s the Decorate Decatur prize which has the sense of decor and style. But then there’s our family’s “pizzeria” award system, the more lights, the more inflatables, the more movement, the more over-the-top, the better. Martha Stewart might deem some yards to be tacky but we call them Pizzerias!

  5. Did the judges not make it to HIlldale Drive in Winnona Park? My up the street neighbor on Hilldale, who is from the northeast, has a handcrafted light house and boat complete with canines aboard that brings joy to every walker and passerby that views it. In the future, why not choose winners from each of the neighborhoods such as Winnona , Great Lakes, Glenwood Estates, etc. Inflatables, IMHO, should disqualify the participant.

  6. I hope there is special place in hell for whoever invented those inflatables. They now infest every holiday, usually look terrible, and there seems to be no end to them. I agree, automatic disqualification.

  7. I’ve been really enjoying seeing the simple wreaths with red bows on signposts up and down the Parkwoods.

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