Decatur Restaurants/Chefs Nominated for James Beard Awards

The annual James Beard Award nominations are out and there are a good number of Decatur-related folks/venues on the semi-finalist list.

  • The Kimball House was nominated for “Outstanding Bar Program”
  • Chai Pani’s Meherwan Irani (Decatur & Asheville) was nominated for “Best Chef in the Southeast”
  • Cakes & Ale’s Billy Allin was again nominated for “Best Chef in the Southeast”
  • Mike Klank and Eddie Hernandez of Taqueria del Sol (Decatur and elsewhere) again were nominated for “Best Restauranteur”
  • Ford Fry (Decatur and Atlanta) of #246 was nominated for “Best Restauranteur”

Eater has a full list of Atlanta restaurants/chefs/restauranteurs who made the list.

13 thoughts on “Decatur Restaurants/Chefs Nominated for James Beard Awards”

    1. One of the few things Chris Billingsley and I can agree on – I’d take a DQ rootbeer float over a $12 Kimball House cocktail anyday!

      1. I’d take a Jack and Coke slushy from Victory over either (actually, I haven’t had a KH cocktail yet; I’m waiting until it’s less trendy.)

            1. I’m pretty sure that the proper wine and pasta pairing would make most questions moot. It’s a dream, Cubalibre, but I think it could happen!

              1. Hmmm. This probably made a whole lot more sense to me when I was hopped up on percocet and NyQuil. Sorry Cubalibre, I have no idea what I thought I was actually responding to. At least I’m amusing myself while waiting for a root canal and extraction. Maybe the nice Doctor McNay will let me DM after a few good puffs of nitrous oxide later.

      1. Did I miss the latest food trend? Are we really frying Fords now?? And wouldn’t that be more appropriate at Palookaville than No. 246???

  1. I wonder why Farm Burger doesn’t get a nod like TDS? I think it is one of the smartest concepts going.

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