Biggest Loser Decatur to Donate to Decatur Education Foundation

Marcia sends along this announcement…

CertaPro Painters and Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp Challenge Decatur with Biggest Loser Fitness and Weight-loss Contest to Benefit DEF

Two local Decatur businesses, Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp and CertaPro Painters, are teaming up to sponsor the inaugural Decatur Biggest Loser Fitness and Weight-Loss Challenge. This six-week fitness contest is designed to improve awareness of healthy habits and challenge the Decatur community to live a healthier lifestyle. Winners in the men’s and women’s categories will each win $500 in cash and $400 in CertaPro Painters gift certificates for painting services.

The event kicks off with a weigh-in at Leapin’ Lizards, 185 Sams St. in Decatur, Saturday, Feb. 2,, 7-10:30 am, and wraps up with the final weigh-in event on Saturday, March 16, 7-10:30 am. Winners will be announced at 10:45, and also notified by email. All body weights will be kept private – progress will be tracked via percentage. Upon registration, each participant will receive a weight-loss packet and water bottle.

For participants with children, Leapin’ Lizards will offer half-off general admission to their play and party center when they open at 10 am on weigh-in day.

Register for $20 by Feb. 2 (must be 18 to participate). Five dollars of each registration fee will go directly to benefit the Decatur Education Foundation. Participants who decide to supplement their weight-loss efforts with rigorous Bootcamp workouts at Pinnacle Fitness can sign up for four weeks for only $40. And if you’re among the first 10 to register, CertaPro Painters will pay the tab (new customers only).

Program Benefits
• Weekly coaching emails from David Nash, fitness instructor and nutritionist, with tips and advice on healthy weight loss.
• Weekly recipes for healthy meals.
• Weekly online performance tracking to help drive friendly competition.
• Nutritional seminar led by David Nash.
• Get a 10% discount on interior or exterior painting projects by CertaPro Painters of Atlanta/Decatur.
• Contest winners will receive a $500 cash prize and $400 CertaPro Painters Gift Certificate good toward interior or exterior painting projects.

Note: Those unavailable to attend the kickoff event can weigh in the preceding Wednesday, Jan. 30, between 6 and 8 pm.

To register or for more information, email David Nash at: [email protected] with the subject line: “Decatur Biggest Loser” to let him know to expect you! Participants can also register at

15 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Decatur to Donate to Decatur Education Foundation”

  1. So I figured while I’m here

    I’ll lose a few pounds.

    You got a six- to eight-week training

    program here, a tough one.

    Which is perfect for me.

    I’m gonna walk out of here

    a lean, mean, fighting machine.

  2. I have very mixed feelings about this sort of thing. Sure, eating healthily and exercising more are great. But the contest is all about who loses the most weight in a short period of time (6 intensive weeks!), which is not at all a good way of promoting long-term health or lifestyle changes.

    1. I’m more concerned that the language in the online registration contract agreement for the $20 one-time fee describes it as a one-year, $20.00 per month fee. I’m assuming that they just forgot to change their standard wording but I certainly wouldn’t sign up unless they change that form or assure me in writing that they won’t be charging my card 11 more times (not that ANY health center would do that sort of shady thing 😉 )

      1. Thanks, Jeremy. I spoke to David and it was just indeed a matter of incorrect labeling or language. Looks like it’s all fixed now and my OCD ass is satisfied (and ready to get slimmed down!).

        So how about it DMers? I know there are a few other extra-pounders out there. Who’s gonna challenge Keith and me?!?

        1. This was supposed to be under Jeremy’s comment below. The editing function is gone and my fingers are too damn fat to put even put my comments in right place. Hope that boot camp works the thumbs, too!

    2. I was hanging out with a friend recently who said “I’m ready to get healthy again, but I need the right thing to get me motivated.” That is truly the intent and spirit of this competition – to give people a reason to pay attention to their fitness and eating habits in a friendly competitive environment. When David Nash at Pinnacle told me about a weight-loss competition idea, I loved it so much I wanted to put some extra incentive behind it and make it a big Decatur-wide event. That’s how we got involved (CertaPro Painters). This is a great event for someone looking for some outside motivation and great pointers on HOW to get fit.

      J_T – to clarify – the one-time fee of $20 gains entry to the competition and all of the perks that come with it. Think of it as throwing $20 into an office pool for a competition but you also get a coach, nutritional consultant, discounts on painting services, weekly healthy recipes, and it benefits a fantastic local charity (Decatur Education Foundation) at the same time! Should you be the biggest loser you walk away with $500 in cash and $400 in painting services. Participation in Pinnacle Bootcamp’s exercise regimen is optional. From my personal experience it will whip you into shape pretty quickly. The first 10 signups to the competition get the $40 Bootcamp fee covered courtesy of CertaPro Painters. After the first 10, competition participants still get Pinnacle’s super-low trial rate of $40.

      Hope that helps clarify!

      Jeremy Rhett

    3. Maybe you should read the post again because it isn’t “all about who loses the most weight in the shortest amount of time”.

      1. So how do you win, if not by losing more weight than anybody else in the prescribed time period?

        1. You’re right; that is how you win.

          What I take issue with is TOK’s comment that the contest is only about losing weight in the shortest amount of time. The contest is about so many other things, all positive I might add, including raising money for DEF (as you point out in your own post) that TOK needs to re-read the post and focus beyond the “mixed feelings”.

          1. Well, I said “mixed feelings” because my feelings were genuinely mixed (not just negative). I’m not trying to impugn the motives of the people organizing it. So the contest supports a good cause, maybe the drastic jump-start will motivate more moderate long-term change, etc. Those are good things. So sure, it’s not *all* about losing the most weight in the shortest time. But that’s how you win the contest, which does (IMHO) put the focus there (it’s called the “Biggest Loser Fitness and Weight-loss Contest”), although it includes things like recipes for healthy meals. And that focus makes me uneasy, because in the U.S., we have an unhealthy culture of people concentrating too much on weight loss, especially weight loss in a short period through drastic diet and exercise regimes (google “crash diet for wedding” for fun examples).

    4. Agree. But sometimes a drastic jump-start, even if there’s backsliding afterward, can help motivate a person to make more moderate long-term changes in diet and exercise. And I’ll bet it turns out to be a great way of raising money for DEF!

  3. Wouldn’t this cause a person with physical limitations be at a disadvantage against the other people competing? Those who cannot participate in boot camp or aggressive physical training probably wouldn’t have a chance at being the Biggest Loser so…..I wish the best to everyone who does participate in this challenge as losing weight and getting healthier is always a good thing. Just wish there was a way to make the competition truly “for everyone”

  4. By the way, it now looks like we ARE supposed to make fun of the fat kid! So Coca-Cola and McDonalds aren’t the real cause of rising obesity rates, it’s the fact we’ve worked too hard to curb bullying and our chlidren aren’t being shamed enough. In addition to the contest I also want all of you to begin shaming me in order to make me a better person. I appreciate your concern.

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