Report: Meehan’s Public House Coming to Old Maddy’s Space

FMFats points to this report from Tomorrow’s News Today that 101 Concepts plans to open a 5th Meehan’s Public House in the former Maddy’s space along Scott Boulevard.  A bit of context about 101 Concepts and Meehan’s from TNT…

Over the years, the four partners that make up 101 Concepts have developed a number of concepts, easily the most successful being Meehan’s Public House.  Previous 101 Concepts have included a Food 101 in Morningside, now home to Rosebud, and an Italian eatery, Mangia 101, in Brookhaven.  Another Meehan’s was once in Alpharetta but was too big to do well on days other than March 17th.
Currently there are Meehan’s restaurants in Vinings and Sandy Springs, along with more recent openings downtown and in Atlantic Station.  The  new  location will be Meehan’s only freestanding restaurant.  Other current 101 Concepts include Food 101 and Cibo E Beve, both on Roswell Road across from Fountain Oaks Shopping Center.

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  1. They looked at all of their 101 Concepts and decided this was the best fit? A stone’s throw from a beloved pub with a family vibe and not far from two popular downtown Irish pubs? Well, they will do OK if they keep the airline seats, the blues bands (and the barbecue)…

    1. Live nearby Decatur but not right in it so just making sure I understand your references. Melton’s App & Tap is stones throw away right? What’s the other Irish Pub downtown besides Marlay? Brick Store? I miss James Joyce Pub.

  2. I have no inside knowledge…however, the strip mall that contains Melton’s is gonna be some prime real estate when the Walmart opens across the street. I can see that whole corner being demolished and rebuilt leaving Meehan’s .

  3. My initial reaction was that I just don’t get it. After thinking about it for ten seconds, though, the rationale for the location is clear and I think they have a good chance of succeeding. With Dooley’s, Jagger’s and PJ Haley’s all long gone, they will draw well from the Emory drinking community. If they get hopping on the renovations, they might even open in time to take Maggie’s place on this list next year: 😉

    1. Ah…P J Haley’s. I have been trying to remember the name of that Sage Hill Pub that I often frequented during my Emory days! Now I can complete my happy rememeinances. Thanks!

    2. Some of the commentary on that link is hilarious (e.g., this one for the #4 spot: “The bathroom makes a port-o-potty look luxurious and if you want to walk out alive, you’ll have to fork over more money to the hovering attendant.”)!

      Must admit to having been to a number of the establishments that made it to the List, though…

      1. I’ve got to say, reading the list made me feel old. I’ve only been to 13 of the 25 and have never even heard of a few of the ones I haven’t. Most of all I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Peachtree Tavern and Hole in the Wall both made the list but Moondog’s didn’t. Plus, why the need to list Halo, Front Page News, RiRa and Flip Flops separately when you can simply list “Any bar in Midtown”?

        1. Apparently I have been in outer space since I have only been to 9 of these. My favorite line is about Neighbors and their 21st Birthday Crowd. Ironically, it was the last stop on my 21st Birthday (22 years ago) after stops at Crickets, Jaggers, Blind Willie’s and Darkhorse.

  4. Wow. It didn’t take long for the first “They’ll never make it. I wish them luck” type of comment to be posted.

  5. I have a feeling this will spell the end for Melton’s, which may actually be a relief for the owners given all they’ve gone through lately, but not so much for the neighborhood.

    Meehan’s. Blech. You won’t find me in there, ever.

    1. I looked at the menu for Meehan’s downtown, and it has all the Irish classics, including:

      with queso & guinness mustard

      with ancho bbq and honey mustard

      queso, jalapenos, chipolte sauce, pico, sour cream, black beans, corn, & lettuce

      applewood bacon wrapped medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese, roasted golden beets, & red wine reduction

      guinness mustard, red pepper jam, & roasted garlic & chipolte aioli


      1. +1. My Irish eyes are a smilin’ at that menu.
        From what I’ve gathered, the downtown Meehan’s draws those who thing they are too classy for the nearby Hooters. But at least at Hooters everything is authentic–um, never mind.

    2. Melton’s will be fine. It’s a lower price point and it’s more family friendly. I bet we end up with a Five Guys in that mix once all this development is nailed down.

  6. The Meehan’s downtown is where I spent a good deal of St. Patrick’s Day after the parade last year. It’s warm, welcoming, and the drinks are good. Service was friendly on a very busy day for the staff. Sorry if it doesn’t meet the food snobbery of Irish Pub purists/Decatur Food Snobs.

    1. The first one I knew of is the Vinings location, so I associate the entire chain with Vinings. I have no problem admitting to that flawed snobbery.

  7. I thought liquor was prohibited in that location. Meehan’s won’t survive on beer/wine/food alone. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Oh wow, another pub? Just when I thought I couldn’t stuff myself with enough beer and crappy pub food. Yawn.

  9. Hmm.. I don’t know about this one. The downtown location has a generic feel to it, in my opinion, and I can’t think of anything unique about their food and beverage offerings. Considering the many superior options nearby in Decatur, I can’t see this being a big hit. Maybe it will benefit from the increased traffic Walmart will generate. though. For now, I judge it BTA (Better Than Applebees).

  10. Message to Meehans: Why undertake the massive renovations that appear to be needed to meet code when there’s an already built Irish pub just BEGGING to be reopened in Avondale Estates? Come check out the old James Joyce space and thank me later. Plus, you won’t be jeopardizing an already beloved neighborhood pub – you’ll be a hero to the AE neighbors.

    1. +1,000. And it sure would be great if those folks who are going to tear down the Scott Blvd. Baptist Church and surrounding homes for more retail/mixed use would look 500 yards down the road at the acres of asphalt of the abandoned Ford dealership. What gets decried here as “Decatur snobbery” is really the desire for smart development (IMHO).

    2. The James Joyce Pub is not adjacent to a shopping center that is about to be completely revamped with a Walmart as anchor tenant. The traffic count on College is probaby less than one third of the count at Scott and N. Decatur. An Irish pub failed in that location. Finally, most developers will shy away from all the shuttered car dealerships due to environmental issues, namely the remediation costs involved and potential liability.
      I don’t understand all the resistance to the possible revitalization of what is already a commercial strip of property, much of which is an eyesore. Have input to make sure it’s done right, but don’t blindly assume that development is evil.

  11. Nobody’s mentioned the lapsed variances for setbacks and the lack of onsite parking. They’ll have a tough argument getting new variances on that tiny parcel and they’ll have to rent off-site parking from the Dr. clinic next door..If it’s not a BBQ & Blues place, I don’t see it pulling the Melton’s n’hood fans across the road, so not much of a threat to Melton’s. No reason to abandon a great n’hood place with good food, smart beer list and really nice folks.

  12. Tried the Sandy Springs Meehan’s last night. Not a good experience. Doesn’t touch Marlay House or Mac McGee. The place looks a bit shopworn and the food was mediocre AND overpriced. Nearly empty at 8:00 to boot.

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