White Poodle Mix Found on Mimosa Drive

Darren writes in…

I found a dog within the 300 block of Mimosa Drive. It is a white poodle or poodle mix with a red collar and no tags. I knocked on doors in the area and couldn’t find the owner. Can you please post message letting people know it has been found and brought to dekalb animal control to see if it has been chipped. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “White Poodle Mix Found on Mimosa Drive”

  1. I put this on the WP Listserv. Already someone said it could be their dog. Is there a phone number? She wants to call and inquire. Thanks. Also, is it a male or female?

  2. It looked to be a female. It is still with DeKalb Animal Control (404) 294-2996. They said they would check for a chip and if one was found they would contact the owner. It was really a sweet dog. I hope they find its owner.

  3. Can you please keep us posted? Doesn’t Animal Control put dogs down if their owner isn’t found?

  4. That’s my family’s dog!! Im out in California but my parents went and picked her up today. Thanks for looking out!! And yes, she is the sweetest!

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