What’s This All About?

This note’s getting sent around by various Decatur powers-that-be.  What do you think the announcement could be?

A Buckhead annexation attempt?  Frozen yogurt-making classes at DHS?  Less crumbly faux-brick sidewalks?

55 thoughts on “What’s This All About?”

  1. A developer is going to tear down the courthouse to put in a mixed use development with a Wal-Mart and a new for-profit charter school?!?

  2. Local Decatur filmaker has crowdsourced funding in record time for a movie staring Daniel Craig, Idris Elba, Joe Manganiello, and Daniel Sunjata. Filming will begin summer 2013, during which all four actors will (out of necessity) have to go shirtless, and will have to take frequent swim breaks where they will wear those abbreviated swim trunks featured in “Casino Royale”. Raoul Bova is also rumored to be part of the cast.

  3. Family Dollar is moving locations after concluding recent pedestrian traffic survey, Oakhurst thrown into turmoil, DM server shut down by response….

  4. Pete the Cat is actually a dog.

    Costco is moving into the former Sammiches & More space.

    The Brick Store Boys have overthrown the city council and instituted martial law.

  5. I asked if it was related to holiday shopping and was told no. Just that Terrific Thursday is being used as the occasion for the announcement since so many people are already out at that time.

  6. The Marta tunnel will be dammed at both ends and filled with water for the world’s longest underground ice skating rink. Cue the Zambonis!

    1. You could be on to something. Maybe the city will have an ice skating rink for the holidays.

  7. Disney to acquire Little Shop of Stories and make it a Disney store; will remodel square with Star Wars action figures. The Gazebo is easier to defend against angry rioters.

      1. Ooooooh. An app that tells us whether there’s a train delay on the tracks (either set), whether to head for the front or back of Renfroe for parking, if a parking spot is about to come open on the Square, when a lock-down occurs at the middle or high schools, which restaurants are open at any given moment, where the emergency vehicles are headed, why power is out at any particular location, and how long the wait is at Viet Nails? Plus let’s us reserve a tennis court, pay a fine, sign up for Decatur Rec classes/camps/sports/sessions without having to remember our crazy family number, and sign up to volunteer with city events?

  8. Decatur to reveal new marina and waterfront park. (Attempts to win “Best Terrific Thursday Surprise EVER!” award)

  9. I really hope it is that the construction fencing over here on talley and Sams is permanent! Beautiful landscaping, public works!

  10. They found out that all those signatures referred to in my Patch.com column are not legitimate after all, and they’re dropping Area B-1 from consideration for annexation because of the “misunderstanding!” Woo-hoo! http://bit.ly/RH51J3

  11. They are moving the county government buildings to unicorporated dekalb, and trader joe’s, target, and walmart are all moving in!

  12. County selling one of its big tax-exempt buildings to a big corporation that will pay huge commercial taxes to Decatur coffers… though I prefer the waterfront idea.

  13. Decatur will secede from GA and join Colorado — Food trucks will be allowed in town, weed legal and it will be sunny 330 days a year…

      1. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age. Yes they do.”

        -David Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey)

      2. @Joe – Classic, one of my favorite movie lines

        @AHID – indeed, I’ll save you a seat on the ‘Vista-ganj’ lift. At least, that is what my friends 🙂 called it 20+ years ago — one of those high-speed quad chair lifts at Vail (real name, Vistabahn) that had a convenient cover you could pull down to get out of the wind…

        Also, I can let you use some of my old Colorado cookbooks anytime — you supply the elk.

    From CSD Info:

    Have you heard about a community announcement this evening?
    This just leaked – the MAJOR announcement at the Decatur Bandstand at 6pm tonight will impact every student in our school and in our school system – I hope many in our school community can attend to hear the news firsthand.
    Lauri McKain
    Decatur High School | Principal
    310 N. McDonough St. | Decatur GA 30030
    (404) 370-4420 x111 | [email protected]

    Anyone know if this is worth bringing kids to? Big kids? Little kids? Teens? I don’t want anyone to spoil the surprise but is this worth getting back into shoes, puttng coats on, dropping homework, and going out?

  15. Whoa. A $500,000 anonymous gift to the Decatur Ed Foundation? I got that via twitter, not live. So many questions. Who is donor? What will they do with the money? I vote for a full blown attack for literacy.

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