Decatur City Commission Hosting Public Annexation Meeting on Monday

Want to be heard by the Decatur City Commission on annexation?

The Decatur Minute reminds the world that the Decatur City Commission will host a public meeting about annexation next Monday, October 22nd from 6p-8p in the City Commission Room at City Hall.  The agenda is as follows…

  1. Opening Presentation 6:00 p.m.
  2. General Question & Answer Session 6:30 p.m.
  3. General Public Comment 7:00 p.m.

In case you missed it, here’s a recent list of questions submitted by DM readers answered by Decatur City Staff regarding the potential annexation discussion.  More info on annexation can be found HERE on the city’s website.

9 thoughts on “Decatur City Commission Hosting Public Annexation Meeting on Monday”

  1. Since the decision of the City Commission and School Board on this affects current city residents, I encourage my fellow Decaturites to attend. If the Commission and Board approve the proposal, nonresidents will get a referendum, but this is the primary forum for the Commission to hear from their constituents on this issue.

    On the CSD side, you can gather information and weigh in or ask questions on their annexation blog:

    The School Board will have a work session on annexation Oct 29.

  2. Mayor Bill Floyd said in the meeting tonight that even if the School Board votes that annexation is not in the best interest of the City Schools, then the Commissioners may still vote for annexation (check the transcripts tomorrow if you don’t believe me). Am I missing something here? You guys pay 2/3 of your property taxes to have great schools, but if it negatively affects those schools the Board of Commissioners can still vote for annexation. Is there a hidden agenda? The Mayor was very evasive on this subject. Yeah, I’m biased because I don’t want to be annexed, but Citizens of Decatur should really question that issue.

    1. I agree – where is the accountability to the current residents of City of Decatur? It seems like the current CoD residents do not have a voice in this and now they don’t seem to care what the CSD School Board says either?

      1. As there’s no formal proposal on the table yet, I’m neither for or against the effort. But we did have a voice in the outcome, which we expressed when we voted for our respective commissioners. They make decisions on our behalf all the time and this will be one of them.

        Furthermore, you can continue to have a voice in what happens (one that will likely count more than a single vote, btw) by contacting your commissioners directly and letting them know where you stand and why. Or, by attending the public meetings. The summary of last night’s meeting would seem to indicate that ideas were challenged and issues raised. As it should be.

  3. Just saw the coverage on the news. I am having trouble finding sympathy for the woman who just caaaaaaan’t send her kids to DeKalb Schools. While I’m well aware of the issues with DeKalb Schools, surely annexation is not her only option.

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