Kimball House Ranks as One of the “Hottest” Cocktail Bars in US by Eater

The website Eater recently ranked the Top 30 “Hottest” Cocktail bars in the country and Decatur’s The Kimball House made the cut.  Their blurb reads…

Kimball House opened its doors in Decatur in late September, one of Eater Atlanta’s most anticipated Fall openings. Along with an inspired food menu, cocktails here have gained enormous buzz over the past month thanks to the involvement of Leon’s Full Service’s Miles Macquarrie. Kimball House has already gotten great early feedback from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and snagged a new bartender over from Atlanta’s Holeman & Finch.

35 thoughts on “Kimball House Ranks as One of the “Hottest” Cocktail Bars in US by Eater”

  1. I would have to completely disagree. There’s really nothing appealing about this place whatsoever and my recommendation is to stay away. Especially stay away from that one stool down on the corner of the bar. I hear it’s the worst.

    1. That was great! You had me thinking you were a huge jerk right up until I noticed your sarcasm font. Excellent comment. 🙂

        1. I would put this in the category of irony. I grew up in Chicago. After much foot in mouth, I am always delighted to encounter instances i.e. Decatur Metro, where irony is not only allowed in the South, but celebrated.

  2. I’m glad we went before this place became officially hot. As it was, we stuck out like sore thumbs among the cool crowd even on a Monday night.

  3. I’m with Keith. The Kimball House is AN OUTRAGE and should not be patronized at any time. Especially not on Thursdays, right after work.

      1. I am curious. Why would anyone mess up perfectly good bourbon with anything that tastes like a creamsicle? I am assuming they aren’t mixing with Jim Beam.

  4. The vibe is way cool and people really dress up in their funky best to attend. It would be such a cool first date place…you could not go wrong. The half price oysters from 5-7p are the bomb too. They are brought in fresh daily and delicious. Only place in Atlanta I will go for them now. I do feel that the menu is a bit pricey but the food is divine.
    We did not go dressed to impress but still had fabulous service and enjoyed people watching.

    Kimball House will put those close by out of business sad to say.

  5. Trendy…. Like everything in this location will be gone soon. Put a real place in this location. Something the masses like to eat, not the wanna be trendy liberals if Decatur.

  6. We were there the other day. I have no idea what they are talking about. We were perfectly comfortable.

  7. Haven’t made it there yet (giving them some time to work out the kinks), but I keep hearing the same old thing from friends about yet another new trendy, flashy place in Decaur… Small portions, too expensive, and too loud. Great for hipsters, tho! 😉

    1. The cocktails are worth going for, but I wouldn’t go again for dinner. Very tiny small plates at big plate prices. And I found it so loud I couldn’t hear a word my friend was saying.

      But the cocktails are worth going for.

      Did I mention the cocktails?

  8. I went there recently. It was okay, but the homogeneity of the Decatur dining/drinking scene is becoming tiresome. The food was only mediocre and way too expensive for what it is. I was also told, when inquiring about whether or not they had a pasta dish, that the chef “doesn’t believe in carbs.” Whatever, fine, but why center your theme around cocktails and not have something to soak it up with? The cocktails were delicious, though, so there’s that…

  9. We went and had 2 dozen oysters, the trout, lamb sausage, shrimp cocktail, the mussels, and beef tartare. The drinks were good and the food was good too, but very expensive for the portions. Toast points should be included with the beef tartare and the oyster prices are too high at $2 to $3.50 each. It’s quite the “scene” though…

  10. We went the other night for cocktails and oysters, then headed across the street for a full dinner of awesomeness at Mar.

    This is the new date night rival to the outstanding Mac MacGees/Iberian Pig combo. Tell ’em TeeRuss sent ya!

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