“Seven Hens” Opening in North Decatur Plaza Next Month

Mandy sends along this press release about Seven Hens, opening next month in North Decatur Plaza at the corner to Clairmont and N. Decatur Road.  Or if you just want to cut to the chase, here’s a link to the menu!

Michael Gurevich is giving Atlantans yet another reason to love fried chicken—in the form of schnitzel—with the opening of his new restaurant, Seven Hens. Gurevich, an Israeli residing in Atlanta, has devised a brand new concept that marries an age-old European cooking method with international cuisine in the form of a chicken cutlet. The upscale, fast-casual eatery will open in Decatur in mid-June to serve an array of schnitzel-style chicken dishes with flavors from around the world for lunch and dinner.

Opening Seven Hens is my way of upgrading a food staple from my culture with the best flavors that different countries around the world are known for and offering it to Atlantans in a style that everyone loves,” says Gurevich, whose professional background includes service as a logistics officer for the Israeli Defense Force and more recently as an operations manager for an Israeli luxury skincare company.

The chicken at Seven Hens is served, for the most part, as schnitzel. The cooking technique includes pounding a chicken breast thin to tenderize it, dipping it in an egg-based batter and coating it with seasoned breadcrumbs that are inspired by exciting international flavors. The coated breast is then quickly fried to create a perfect golden schnitzel—a moist, tender chicken breast locked in a shell of crunchy, crispy tastefulness.

Guests of Seven Hens order at the counter where they either choose a dish from six suggested countries/ recipes—American, Mexican, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian—or go with a seventh option, The Traveler – a playful build-your-own alternative that allows diners to create endless possibilities of uniquely tasty meals. Then, guests decide whether to have a baguette ($7.95), wrap ($7.95), salad ($6.75), or a platter with two sides ($10.75). Side items include fries, chips or the Seven Hens salad ($1.95). The ordering process ends with the “finishing touch” selection where guests choose from an array of seven house-made dressings and even more spreads, sauces, toppings and cheeses inspired by world cuisine. Lastly, the chicken is sliced into strips using Seven Hens’ signature Mezzaluna knife in a performance-type manner in front of guests’ eyes. The entire cooking and preparation process takes place at the “front of the house” where the guests can see the food being cooked fresh, made-to-order, according to their request

The recipes were created by local chef Stephen McGuffin, a seasoned veteran who has worked in Atlanta’s best dining establishments for many years.

Seven Hens is about honest food and quality ingredients including trans-fat free oil, the freshest produce available, and local, all natural chicken. The seeded white and wheat baguettes are baked fresh, according to a traditional recipe, at a local bakery and delivered daily. Seven Hens serves predominantly schnitzels but also offers dark meat, vegetarian (tofu) and grilled chicken options. Guests may also order their food to go.

“My goal in opening Seven Hens is to create an eatery that is different and better than run-of-the-mill sandwich shops or other chicken restaurants by offering higher quality ingredients in an inviting venue,” says Gurevich.

The 1,480-square-foot restaurant seats up to 34 guests and has a modern vintage style. The philosophy behind the décor of Seven Hens is about using “real” materials such as wood, granite, metal and concrete, as well as warm Edison bulb lighting to give a slightly rustic feel that differs from the typical fast food mold. Two local Atlanta designers – Joseph Szala and Tamala Herd – collaborated on the design work.

The restaurant is located at 2140 North Decatur Plaza and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ample parking is available in an adjacent lot. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. For more information about Seven Hens, visit www.7hens.com.

21 thoughts on ““Seven Hens” Opening in North Decatur Plaza Next Month”

  1. Lordie, between this place and the new Zaxby’s at North DeKalb…I may never cook again.

    1. It’s kind of a haul from the new Zaxby’s location to this. The Seven Hens is near the corner of Clairmont, opposite the Publix. In with the Mediterranean Grill and the Beautyrest store and the ice cream stand (and Bicycle South). The new Zaxby’s is on the north east side of the N. DeKalb mall…

      This sounds like yet-another meal option for Emory people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. How does one open a schnitzel restaurant with “international” options and NOT offer a German or Austrian option? I dunno, y’all….

    1. My thought exactly! While on the topic IS there a good German restaurant anywhere around Atlanta?

        1. Haven’t been to Kurt’s in years but it was very good back in the day. Way, way OTP though.

          The only other German food I know of is the German bakery on Lawrenceville Highway which is great but not a restaurant.

          When I was in Germany several years ago, it hit me that German food in the U.S. is based on what immigrants brought to the U.S. long ago from rural Germany, not on what is popular German cuisine now. The food I found there seemed more continental European than anything else. I was there with a Midwestern friend of German descent and she trying to order items from her childhood with no luck. It cracked me up when she kept saying “Where is the German food?” in the middle of Germany.

        1. Forgot about that place. In fact, I would have guessed that it was closed. It’s a great destination after a bike ride from Decatur to Stone Mountain on the bike path. It’s much less pricey and less high brow than Kurt’s but fun, classic Bavarian food.

          Maybe we need to skip church and do a family outing there some Sunday morning soon……

          1. Seem to recall some serious health department issues with that place a couple of years ago; not sure it’s still open either.

            1. I followed the website link and they seem to be open–they’ve got an active calendar with Trivia and martinis on Wednesday nights.

    2. Maybe if you were Jewish, adjectives like “German” or “Austrian” would not be things you would want to use…

  3. We went through a phase in my family a few years ago where we turned the schnitzel into a verb. We schnitzelized everything, including chicken. After a vigorous pounding with a meat hammer we put it through the assembly line. Not sure why we got over this phase, in retrospect it was very tasty, with some fresh lemon juice, maybe a bit messy. Actually, I remember now this was after a trip to Vienna. I don’t think there’s anything remotely like Austrian (or even German) food in Decatur. Looking forward to this Seven Hens

  4. They had me at “crispy tofu pieces”….

    Mon Cuisine makes frozen vegan Wiener Schnitzel. With that being the lone exception, I’ve lived a sad, schnitzel-less life.

  5. Guys,
    Thanks for all your comments! To answer some of your questions ~ Indeed, schnitzel is originally from Germany/ Austria. The German version is a basic good schnitzel served with lemon. So yes – I can make a German schnitzel anytime… I just mentioned in the menu the fancier ones that I think you’ll enjoy!
    My philosophy, that I plan to showcase in my food, is love and respect to all countries and cultures… So please don’t read too much into things!
    Can’t wait to open already (in about a month)
    Michael Gurevich

  6. The Village Corner in Stone Mountain is very nice German fare. We met friends there about two weeks ago. The food was very nice, the prices good, the owner stopped by to say hi. We enjoyed ourselves. It’s not the same as dining in Vienna, but we’re not in Vienna are we? Having Seven Hens down the corner is going to be VERY nice. Are we lucky or what?!?

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