Decatur Transportation Projects Timelines

At Monday’s City Commission meeting, Mayor Floyd explained that with all the outstanding transportation projects on the city’s docket, he had asked Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon to put together a single list of all the projects and their timelines for the commissioners’ convenience.  Mr. Saxon then took the commission through the entire list of outstanding transportation projects.

Well, I thought you all might also be interested in such a list too.  Mr. Saxon was good enough to provide me with the full document, so the bullets below are a composite of Mr. Saxon’s list and comments made during the meeting.

  • Scott Blvd Sidewalks – City needed to acquire three easements.  Took 6 months.  Project should be bid out in June 2012.
  • Oakhurst Streetscape Improvements – Right-of-way acquisitions phase – need 10 easements, have 2 thus far.  Anticipate right of way complete by November, bidding in April 2013.
  • Phase V (Church Street/E. Trinity) Streetscape Improvements – 18 easements, anticipate right of way complete by January 2013, bidding May 2013.  Have asked Trinity Triangle owners to allow land for parking and staging for project improvements.
  • Railroad crossings at McDonough/Candler – Project has been “twinned” with the DeKalb 157 Signal project and will be bid and managed by GDOT. Right-of-way acquisition phase (by DeKalb County). Expect NTP for bidding in June 2013.
  • N. McDonough Streetscape – Preliminary planning phase. Environmental review underway. Concept report approved. Anticipate right-of-way process starting in January 2013 and completed by December 2013. Anticipate bidding in February 2014.
  • Clairemont/Commerce/Church Street Ped/Safety Improvements – Early planning phase. Coordinating with GDOT District for possible road diet on SR 155. Preparing environmental review. Anticipate submission of scoping study to ARC in August 2012, Concept Report to GDOT in October 2012. Anticipate bidding in Fall 2015.

It’s Literally Wednesday

Little Bear books (illustrations)
Pierre: A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and A Prologue
In the Night Kitchen
Where the Wild Things Are

If only we could all leave behind four works of this quality.

And this was only a small fraction of the great books by Maurice Sendak, who died yesterday at the age of 83. He was one of a handful of people who, in the mid-20th century, altered the landscape of children’s literature.

Where the Wild Things Are is one of a handful of books my mother read to me (when it was new and somewhat subversive) that I, in turn, read to my children. I expect a repeat for many generations to come.

Coincidentally, Stephen Colbert’s I’m A Pole (And So Can You!) was released yesterday. On the cover, above the title, is the following: “The sad thing is: I like it!” – Maurice Sendak

Colbert’s book is, frankly, stupid.  However, we do have Stephen Colbert to thank for having Maurice Sendak on his show earlier this year for one of the most honest, thoughtful, and entertaining interviews ever. Take a look; it is well worth the time. Continue reading “It’s Literally Wednesday”

Morning Metro: Eddie’s 20, Fixing Bridge 17, and Kids in the Car

Panaramic view inside Eddie’s courtesy of Google Maps