Fox Bros. Rib Joint Taking Over Old Maddy’s Location on Scott. Blvd

Time to get out the old leather awl and make a new notch in the belt, Decaturites! Daniel sent in this pic of the sign now gracing the old Maddy’s barbeque location on Scott Boulevard.

I can’t find a dang mention of it yet anywhere online!  Oh well.  I guess it’s good to be first.  But don’t you go stealing my scoop, Kessler!!  Unless you want to write an actual article about it with real facts and stuff of course.  🙂

UPDATE!!  Here’s the press release…

ATLANTA (April 25, 2012) — Fox Brothers Restaurant Group (FBRG), who brought you Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and Big Tex Decatur, is proud to announce the opening of a new concept they are calling Fox Bros. Rib Joint. Located in Decatur, Ga., in the old Maddy’s space, this fast-casual concept will focus on finger-licking food, quick service and a relaxed ambiance. There will be ample indoor and outdoor seating. The rib joint is set to open in summer of 2012. This is the third concept for FBRG, following Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and Big Tex Decatur, both located in Atlanta. For more information call Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q at 404-577-4030. Fox Bros. Rib Joint is located at 1479 Scott Boulevard Decatur, Ga. 30030.

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    1. I would tend to agree, but this place is walking distance for me so I’m pretty happy. (Will have to carefully budget calories between here and Community Q , however.)

    1. This is terrible news. A popular restaurant at this location will only add to the congestion and traffic in the area.

  1. Saw this yesterday and was surprised it hadn’t hit DM…until today 🙂 Get the scoop!

    I love Community Q but have been wanting to see what draws the masses to Fox Bros on Dekalb Ave. Now, I can walk to the new one!

  2. I guess at least the kitchen buildout won’t be too expensive. I’ve always thought that place was cursed by the spirit of Big Greg’s.

  3. Those familiar with Fox Bros. BBQ know they’re flat out killing it just about every day, and it’s damn near impossible to get in there on the weekends without a fairly lengthy wait. Parking is also kind of a nightmare.

    I think there are a lot of folks who come from just North of town who will enjoy this spot just to get their fix without having to deal with all the other stuff that comes with braving DeKalb Ave.

    1. I’d rather “brave” Dekalb Ave. than the Suburban Plaza area ANY day. What a nightmare. I agree that this is a good addition to the area, especially since Fox Bros is a reputable, highly regarded business moving into a building that has been a revolving door for decades.

      1. Let’s not forget the revolving door og Gringo’s et all…. at the current Fox Bros location prior to their arrival. Hope this sticks and will definitely check it out.

  4. I always find it interesting how Maddy’s, a rib place, was there for so long, goes out of business and gets replaced by a … rib place.

    1. Maddy’s didn’t go out of business. They were shut down for serving alcohol to minors.


      1. Jeff, I am a former Maddy’s employee and I have to say that whoever you got your info from regarding the closure of Maddys is grossly mistaken. We did not have a beer/wine license for the last year or two we were open but it was nothing to do with selling to a minor that kept us from it. Maddy’s closed due to BANKRUPTCY.

      2. Gotta love the rumor mill. What I heard is that someone who knows a close friend of one of the employees said that, according to the employee, the owner stopped showing up, stopped paying employees, etc., and after a few weeks of hope or shock or whatever, the employees finally gave up and closed the doors.

        It’s a shame though. Good BBQ.

        1. It’s a rumor I originally read on this blog, for whatever that’s worth.

          I don’t doubt your version. I ate there a couple times during the last year of them being open and felt like there was a problem with whoever was running it (such as letting alcohol permit lapse, sporadic music schedule,etc.)

          1. Don’t get me wrong. I am not vouching for the rumor or asserting its truthfulness. Just amused that you and I heard vastly different reasons for the closing, and thought I would share the story.

            1. I always enjoy when someone tries to refute a rumor by saying “I heard from a good friend of a guy who knows someone…”

              1. Agreed. I thought about adding about 3 more levels of friends in the chain to really illustrate that is was just a rumor. I don’t know the employee, the friend, the friend of the friend, the friend of the friend of the friend…

            1. True, we did not have a beer/wine license for the last year or two we were open but it was nothing to do with selling to a minor that kept us from it. There’s really no reputation to protect at this point but nevertheless, just sayin.

                1. Go to Fat Matts, granted its coming up on 10 months since i enjoyed maddys but going off of memory its probably the closest one will get now…word has it that the owner of maddys worked at fat matts for years…the food is eerily similar so that may hold water. plus at fatt matts you can buy a bottle of it and either enjoy it or pay a lab to break it down for you.

      1. Sure. But why can’t we learn from the past and ask for more for our community? As many have mentioned, there’s a BBQ restaurant less than 5 miles away!

        1. Ask for more for our community? I’m not sure what “more” you could want. This is my community too and this is *exactly* what I asked for so I’m damn glad to have it!

          1. The traffic in that area is already terrible. The addition of smoked meats, will only make it WORSE! It comes down to corporate greed plain and simple. The fact that FB wants to elbow their way into this area just proves it. How much BBQ does unincorporated DeKalb really need?
            These restaurants are poisoning our community with their savory, and succulent carcinogenic fare. They’re already clogging the arteries of Decatur families, and they won’t stop until they clog the streets too.

            1. Good point about the arteries. I only moved to this particular neighborhood nine months ago. No way will I make it to your 20yearResident status with this monument to gluttony right down the street!

              1. True Story. The last time I went to Farm Burger I ordered Facebook sauce on the side. The guy at the counter didn’t flinch. After I ordered, I asked him “did I actually order facebook sauce?” He said “Yep, happens all the time.” Apparently it’s only annoying when people do it on purpose trying to be funny. It actually *is* funny when people do it subconsciously, translating FB as facebook. But it happens so often that they usually don’t even notice or correct you.

        2. I am also part of the community and I love this addition. Also, as LabDad pointed out, it already has a 50 year old brick pit. It would be a shame to see that destroyed so that something more highbrow could move in.

          1. A 50 year old brick pit – thats what I was thinking – this place must have some reason why it continues to be a BBQ joint.

        3. There at least 2 of everything within 5 miles, and probably 6 burger joints, 10 mexican restaurants/tacquerias and 15 pizza places. The only thing we don’t have are chain restaurants like Applebees. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

          1. Exactly DawgFan. Thank you. The lack of community involvement is exactly what led to the sprawl of redundant choices we have today. The owners of the Maddy’s property (any property really) need to meet with their neighbors and find out what they like to eat. Maybe hire a dietician to review the menus too. Then offer a few options that residents could select from. And, has anyone done a traffic study to see how the ingress and egress will impact the gas station next door? Or how the smoke will effect patients of the Eye care center?

            1. Um, I wasn’t agreeing with you. I was pointing out that regardless of what type of restaurant takes that space, there is something similar nearby. So, your argument about other BBQ restaurants w/in 5 miles doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

              If people didn’t take chances and open a restaurant with food they love, we wouldn’t have the many wonderful restaurants we have in Decatur. They opened b/c they had a vision; not b/c a poll of the neighbors said there is a lack of pork cheeks available nearby.

            2. Seriously! And everybody seems awfully sanguine about the potential for this new corporately owned eatery to COMPETE with the BBQ joint downtown. What is everybody thinking?

              1. That’s just it smalltown. They’re not thinking.
                They’ve been blinded by their hunger for pork cheeks. I’m not saying that the property wouldn’t benefit from SOMETHING there. But the clandestine nature of this big-pit deal makes me wonder. Why can’t we have something more Decatur-ish here?

            3. Need to meet with their neighbors and find out what they like to eat???

              It was Steve Jobs who said: “It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want.”

              My suggestion is if you really believe there are that many of your neighbors who like to eat something that’s not already being catered to, then open a restaurant.

              1. The deliciousness of 20yearResident’s parody of past Walmart discussions can be gauged by the number of people responding as though it were serious. Verdict: Very delicious!

                1. Very well done 20yr resident. I re-read your posts after I responded and realized that you had to be joking. Scott confirmed it.

                2. Guess I fell for it, however it’s nowhere near the top of the list of things people have written around here that I find to be ridiculous.

          2. We need a Trader Vic’s. I am a Decaturite, and (in spite of being spurned by the other Trader folks) I am a special person who is worthy of a Mai Tai lounge.

            1. Now we’re on the right track here! Tiki lounge and things on sticks with coconut!!

        4. But there was a bbq joint there (maddys) before the other two (community and burnt fork) existed, the what we don’t need is another bbq joint argument is a little weak. Plus doesn’t an occupied building, creating tax revenue (not to mention happy and full bellies) sound better than another abandoned building? I would love great roads and less traffic but surely less tax revenue won’t change that.

  5. I miss Big Gregs! The breakfast there was awesome. Not such a fan of Fox Brothers. I’ll stick with Community Q.

    1. +1 on sticking with Community Q. I like Fox Bros. okay (except for that chocolate pecan dessert they sometimes offer– that’s FAB), but I LOOOOVE CQ!!! Their mac & cheese and smoked sweet potatoes & kale are sheer bliss on the tongue…

      1. Please do, my Caribbean friend! The lines will be long enough without you misguided barbecue critics 😉

      2. I agree Community Q has incredible sides (the mac n cheese is almost worth the trip alone), but their barbeque is just okay at best, and I rank it last of all of the nearby BBQ joints. Maybe it is just me, but it is the meat that brings me back for BBQ, not cole slaw or potato salad.

        1. We may never agree politically, DawgFan, but it seems that we are gastronomic dopplegangers!

          [OK, I’m really not sure if that is an appropriate use of the word doppleganger but I’m too busy drooling over ribs and smoked wings within walking distance to look it up]

          1. How the heck are you going to walk there, J_T? There aren’t any sidewalks on Scott up there. And more importantly, how the heck would you walk home after the gluttony?

            1. Walk on the grass where there’s no sidewalk. Easy. I do it frequently. And Fox Q is vastly superior to the other local Q.

            2. You got me. Even if they take your property by eminent domain to build sidewalks along with that new Marta station, I will probably still drive there. However, I’ll have to take Chira’s advice about walking home on the grass if they serve $6 pitchers of Yuengling like the original Fox Bros does!

                1. Walk, crawl, whatever…it’s a sliding scale and likely dependent on whether they have a Jager machine.

                  Now, what are you doing responding to my comments here and not my email about our Cinco de Mayo/Housewarming party? Or are you Brownstone folk just too fancy for us?!?

  6. I think this is excellent news, simply because the brick pit in that building has been smoking barbecue for over fifty years. You can’t get that kind of flavor out of a metal smoker. Good on Fox Bros for doing something with it. I’d hate to see it knocked down!

  7. While we’re talking about food, I have a guest coming in tomorrow. What are some Cajun/Creole restaurants near 30030? Thank You!

    1. Popey’s? (On Memorial near Columbia)

      Seriously – I think there IS a place that advertises itself as a cajun place ( crawfish etc.) on S. Candler past Memorial, near Glenwood. Never tried it so I don’t know if it is any good. It’s on the right after you leave Decatur.

    2. Crawfish Shack on Buford Hwy (a little bit farther than 30030, but not much, and worth it) is the only establishment you need to concern yourself with. Best N.O.-style seafood in Atlanta by a country mile. Gumbeaux’s way out in Douglasville is the only other cajun/creole restaurant I vouch for in the vicinity.

  8. wooohooo for BBQ… and “20yearresident” – chapeau off to you for the fab way to taunt. 😉

  9. I will personally drive past all other BBQ joints to vist Hickory House BBQ at Northlake. Best Brunswick stew in town.. Wonderful bbq. Nice waitresses who have been there foreverrrrrrrrrrr,

    1. I wouldn’t suggest actually driving by the new Fox Bros Rib Joint to get to Hickory House. With all the traffic sure to be created by the resurrected smoker and the new Walmart, you’ll never get there! What I want to know is, when you do get all the way OTP to Tucker, how do you NOT head straight to Matthews?

      1. Matthew’s, yum. When I worked in Tucker years ago, I believe that Wednesday was chicken pot pie day. Wish I had some banana pudding right now!

        1. Actually, Comm Q has banana pudding with a little rum in it.

          If you haven’t been to Tucker in a while, you’ll be surprised the next time you go to Matthew’s. The Main Street has gotten a nice little face life, and is sort of coming to life (bakery, new bar/restaurant, and I’ve heard they have a weekend market) And the most surprising part, is that all the new little places are popping up within walking distance of a Walmart!

          1. Exatly the kinds of things I fought for as a Tucker resident for ten years. Now that I’ve moved intown, they’re starting to get those things.

        1. It was a confusing time. I drove to this glass building every day and stayed for 8-10 hours (except a few times a month when I drove to the airport and left town for several days). Every two weeks, the nice people put money in my bank account, and also gave me a magic card that I could show when I needed to see a doctor, and I hardly had to pay anything at all. I worked hard, but was also required to spend a certain amount of time in tedious meetings of uncertain purpose. Some days, it seemed like the most worthwhile opportunities were lunch at Matthew’s Cafeteria and Evelyn’s Cafe (a Greek hole-in-the-wall in a strip center on L’ville Hwy which is long gone, I’m sorry to say).

          (Now, of course, I’d give a lot for one of those magic cards for going to the doctor!)

    2. That’s good to know. Truly good Brunswick stew is hard to find. I’d forgotten about that HH, thanks for the reminder.

      1. I could use some tips about what good Brunswick stew should be. It’s one element of Southern barbecue to which I was not exposed until moving here. My husband loves it but I have not been wowed. But I may not have been exposed to really good Brunswick stew yet.

        1. There is certainly plenty of B stew around that is not up to snuff. Hard to describe what it should be if you ahven’t had a good bowl. The taste and texture and color all have to be right. Thick, orange-colored, with very few ingredients that are actually identifiable — a few kernels of corn, a few butterbeans (pale green, baby limas to you yankee types, I suppose), and the wispiest shreds of meat. Tangy, but not really spicy.
          There’s a place in Marietta that has decent Brunswick stew, IMO, something Brothers, and there’s a place in McDonough that does, too, can’t remember the name but he did the BBQ/Blues festival several years ago. Don’t know of any other local source that’s great, although haven’t tried it at Comm’ty Q. Otherwise, I depend on stopping on the way to/from the beach: Dobbs Barbecue in Dothan (south of town on US 331, just outside the Circle), and a place called Salty Sue’s on the Back Beach Road (US 98 between Panama City Beach and Inlet Beach).
          Maybe it’s time to go scouting locally.

  10. Love the idea of carryout during football weekends. I was sad seeing Maddy’s go, but this is an upgrade. Yippy!

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