Decatur Pack 175 Visits Turtle Island Preserve

Sounds like a good time!  Rick writes in…

This past Friday-Sunday over 100 cub scouts and parents from Decatur’s Pack 175 visited Turtle Island Preserve near Boone NC. Wonderful time spent connecting with nature, living off the grid, tending livestock, blacksmithing, learning about indigenous plants and their medicinal value . . . and many other simple life lessons.
Photo credit: Jennifer Kraft Leavey

9 thoughts on “Decatur Pack 175 Visits Turtle Island Preserve”

  1. Best. Time. Ever.

    My boys had so much fun, learned a lot, got dirty, and had grins on their faces all weekend long. Mrs. Token and I also had a great time, and the whole family looks forward to returning.

    1. I checked out their website and this place looks great. Did you pitch a tent overnight or do they have cabins for the scouts?

      1. We were a very large group, so they had us in scattered around in different areas. Some stayed in shelters and others stayed in tipis. And that worked well until…the rain came in. Then the tipi people became shelter people. 🙂

  2. I wonder if the name is inspired by Gary Snyder’s collection of poems and essays titled Turtle Island. (My contribution to It’s Literally Wednesday.)

  3. The story of turtle island is the story of Eustace Conway- a force of nature profiled in The Last American Male by Sara Gilbert, My sons and I attended the annual open house last year and hope to attend one of the family weeks soon.

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