Winnona Park Neighbors to the Doggie Rescue!

On the morning of New Year’s Day I was out on a run with my own fur-covered ball of canine energy when I spotted these two dogs sitting near the bridge between Poplar Circle and Shadowmoor. They were leashless and collarless, but I thought that since they were so well behaved their owner must be nearby. I began to wonder, however, when I ran by again a half-hour later, and the dogs were still there. So I took my dog home and went back to investigate later.

It turned out that several neighbors had noticed them. Someone contacted DeKalb Animal Control, who came by and picked them up. But Winnona Park resident Erin Johnson and a few others were already on the case, contacting rescue organizations and trying to find a foster home for these sweet, slightly shy but very polite pups, a male (the black one) and a female.

It took some doing, but in less than a week the dogs have found salvation . . . temporarily. They have been taken out of Animal Control. The white one is going to Friends of DeKalb Animals and the son of Winnona Park resident Wardell Castles has agreed to foster the black one. The dogs still need permanent homes.

To sweeten the pot, neighborhood residents have pledged generously toward their care — funds to help with vet bills, spaying and neutering, etc. All of this was coordinated straight out of the grassroots, over the Winnona Park listserv.

Animal rescuers are angels on earth.

Can you open your home and heart to one or a couple of sweethearts? Or could you contribute to their care fund?

To inquire about adopting the white female dog, please contact Friends of DeKalb Animals ([email protected]).  PLEASE NOTE: it has been reported that the white female has some aggression issues, so any home accepting her should be equipped and prepared to support a dog that will need some extra love and training.

To inquire about adopting the black male dog, please contact Wardell Castles at [email protected].

And please remember to support our wonderful local rescue organizations, such as Ruffus Rescue, PAWS, the Lifeline Animal Project, Friends of DeKalb Animals, Animal Action Rescue, and others. There is a great list of worthy, hardworking groups here!


20 thoughts on “Winnona Park Neighbors to the Doggie Rescue!”

  1. Uh oh. We cannot handle another alpha or possibly aggressive female but I think I’d better block Mrs J_T’s internet access to DM until the black-and-white boy finds his forever home!

  2. Everyone should note that the last link in Allison’s story is a catalog type listing of rescue people and groups for all types of animals. I did not know there are even people who will rescue toads, and even fish. The fish group has no one listed so I guess that position is available. Anyway, the extensiveness of the Metro community is heartwarming and awesome.

  3. Too much dog drama in the DEC. Pretty wife discovered a yellow lab/ golden retriever dog on our front doorstep. It’s a male, a very intact one. He’s super friendly. A collar, no tag. She hauled to our vet but he doesn’t have a microchip. She put in our backyard and he hopped over the pickets. She told him to go home. He left. But soon came back. Anybody looking for a pup fitting this description?

  4. I’m so glad these dogs are ok, at least for now. I was a passerby and heard neighbors were mobilizing. It was a cold night that night and it took me a while to go to sleep, thinking about them outside and loose.

    The white female is the farthest thing from aggressive. They were a little shy but came up to me and the black one wanted me to pet him. And I am no dog magnet–I’m not a dog person.

    Both looked very thin and sad. I hope they find a permanent home soon! Thanks for sending in an update.

  5. Oops, didn’t initially see the part about the possible aggressive behavior with the female in the original post. I skimmed over the adoption info–explains my “I’m not a dog person” comment. I may need to donate, though.

  6. I heard the white dog’s aggression was misinterpreted by her defensiveness when arriving at Dekalb. Heard from FODA that she was very polite and calm today. Sorry if I helped spread a rumor for a lovely dog! Foster home here is still available if needed.

    J_T, just give in, he’s precious!

    1. I know. And just look at my gravatar – I’m obviously a bit partial to black-and-white mutts. I’m really hoping that someone else steps up because we are very near capacity with two big kids already in a pretty small space. C’mon guys, someone take him home and update this thread when you do!

  7. Thanks for that update, Lauren. Honestly I wondered about that aggression report when I heard it, because my experience with her on New Year’s day was so different. She seemed very sweet. She’ll make someone a great buddy.

    1. They will both make great companions!

      Thanks for posting and sorting through what may have been mounds of info this week, Allison.

      And much gratitude to the neighbors that took care of these sweet pups!

  8. Just for clarification, I am only an “Honorary” WP Resident. I actually live in the Clairemont-Great Lakes neighborhood. 🙂

    The outpouring of concern for these animals has been so uplifting. I am getting about 100 emails a day from residents (even those outside WP) asking how they can help.

    “What happens in WP (or any neighborhood), doesn’t stay in WP (or any neighborhood)”

    1. We believe the dogs to be about 5 year old. They are not puppies. See my comments below on their status as of the morning of 1/8.

  9. Please make the photo of the irresistible doggies go away. I can’t take them and it’s killing me.

  10. So glad for this update. I have been thinking about these days all week and sending money to help. Already have two standard poodles or I would seriously consider adopting them.

  11. I would also like to know their ages, please. We are getting a dog after we return from a trip a week from today, and either of these look perfect. But my kids insist on a puppy, which I have interpreted for them to be one year or younger. I know this may seem a little harsh, with all the older dogs available, but if you knew all the background story, you’d not only understand, you’d go find my girls a 6 month old shorthair mutt, pay for its training, spaying, and accessories, including a solid gold collar.


  12. All,

    The dogs are safe. They will be moved to foster homes after their release from Dekalb Animal Control after being spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tagged, and tested for hearworms.

    While in foster care, Friends of Dekalb Animals will be managing their adoption process. You can contact them at

    We are still taking donations for their pet and fostering care. If you are able and willing to donate, email me privately at [email protected] for instructions.

    Thank you!!!

  13. Sorry to keep an old thread going, but wanted you all to know that both dogs were heartworm negative and ready for their foster homes. Thanks again to all for taking care of these sweet pups!

    Mrs. J_T, that dog up there, the sweetest little black and white dog ever, ended up at my house tonight and asked about you. You may have to fight my mutts off though, because 2 hours into our temporary fostering and we’re reconsidering the whole ‘temporary’ thing.

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