Walmart Still Silent on Suburban Plaza, But Has Big Plans for ITP Expansion

Currently, Walmart only has three stores inside the Perimeter.  But that’s about to change according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

A new article describes Walmart’s ITP Atlanta plans for its new, smaller format store plan – like the one planned for Westside Village.   Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall.  Luckily, North Druid Patch summarizes it, saying that Walmart Southeast VP Greg Sullivan wouldn’t say anything about the rumored Suburban Plaza location, but that…

Other new options for the Atlanta area include a Walmart Neighborhood Markets–grocery stores that average about 40,000 square feet–or Walmart Express location, 15,000-square foot convenience stores. Walmart wouldn’t likely build a new Supercenter within a mile of another one, however.

4 thoughts on “Walmart Still Silent on Suburban Plaza, But Has Big Plans for ITP Expansion”

    1. What is wrong with the Walmart at Columbia Drive (less than 2.4 miles from Decatur Courthouse Square?) How is that not the Decatur area? Just askin’….

      1. 2.4 miles = 24 minutes + 1.5 gallons gas + greenhouse emissions = end of the world as we know it!

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