Midwestern Sandwich Franchise to Open First East Coast Location Just Outside Decatur

Decatur Heights Dad reports that the sandwich franchise “Erbert & Gerbert’s” is opening a location in the contemporary-style commercial strip on E. Ponce de Leon Ave next to the Asian market, just beyond the city limits.   (Here’s the Google Streetview, if you’re still unclear as to where we’re referencing.)  A check of their website confirms it.

According to the site, Erbert & Gerbert’s serves up subs, soups, sides and desserts and was founded back in 20 years ago in Wisconsin.  The sandwich shop currently only has stores in Colorado, Minnesota, North & South Dakota and Wisconsin.

According to Wikipedia, they have an interesting way of preparing subs…

They prepare their sandwiches differently from their competitors: they “take out the guts”, (cut the bread and take out the soft white dough part).[8] Nothing goes to waste; they leave the guts on top of the sandwich when they are done. They emphasize quality ingredients[9] and often are located near college areas.

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    1. Maybe they will cater your table dance at Pin Ups. Some of those strippers look like they need to eat.

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been meaning to look this up for weeks but inevitably forget once I’ve reached the world of YDFM. I still pine for the cancelled Pangaea at this location but will check this one out when it launches.

  2. Really excited to see some retail moving into that part of town, as it’s been lifeless for a few years now. That said, this place sounds A LOT like every other “better than Subway” sandwich chain that seems to have designs on our fair burgh of late (Pita Pit, Jimmy John’s, etc.). They all have more or less the same menu options (cold cuts and tuna salad + trimmings) in more or less the same arrangements.

    What I’m really waiting for is a compelling replacement for 5th Earl Market, which had much more ambitious and varied sandwich offerings.

  3. I looked to try to find an explanation or photo of this “guts” thing. Sorry, that just sounds very weird to take out the soft white dough part and then leave it on top of the sandwich. I’m sure I just don’t understand. Any help? Sound weird to anyone else?

    1. I could see it as an asset if you got soup as it would be good to dip in there. And if you’re looking for precedent, Panera always gives you “bread with your bread” as it were, offering a roll as a side with your sandwich or soup in a bread bowl, which always amuses me. “Yes, I don’t think this huge boule of bread encompassing my soup will be QUITE enough bread for me. Better give me that roll, just in case.”

    2. It’s a variation on the loose meat sandwich, which always sounded weird as well. Now we have the loose bread sandwich.

  4. I’d love to see some kind of “fast food” taco place come in to compete – not Taco Bell, but gourmet tacos from around the world – Mexican inspired, Asian(Korean), etc.

    1. Taqueria del Sol, Raging Taco, and the Korean tacos at Burnt Fork BBQ not international enough for you?

    1. I’m all for pedestrian-friendliness, but this strip between downtown Decatur and YDFM could definitely use some development and food options.

      Granted, a strip club and a pet crematorium don’t exactly scream LUNCH to me, but ya gotta start somewhere.

    2. Manhattan is also pedestrian unfriendly. I mean, I have take a plane to get there.

      FACT CHECK: This shop isn’t in Downtown Decatur, but it’s actually walking distance from MARTA rail, on a bus route, and adjacent to a popular bike trail. That makes it more pedestrian-friendly than 95% of America.

      Let’s wish them all the best. How great would it be FOR ALL OF US if the poorly used industrial/commercial land between City of Decatur and Scottdale started filling up with businesses. In-fill is better than sprawl. Prosperity ringing Decatur makes Decatur itself more prosperous.

  5. Location of this new sandwich shop indeed sounds undesirable. And I am thinking that no one will be truly happy until Fifth Earl returns.

  6. When I attended the University of Minnesota, we had two of these near campus. I have fond memories of picking up a sandwich at 11PM and sitting down to study. This place is VERY similar to Jimmy John’s, but in my opinion is better. JJ also scoops out their bread, but just throws the “guts” in the trash. If you made a sandwich, would you just eat the crust? By giving you the “guts”, Erbert and Gerbert’s is giving you the best part of the bread to eat on the side.

  7. Hey everybody, let’s not do the typical “death by blogosphere!” thing immediately. The owners of this place are FANTASTIC people and the kind of folks who deserve the benefit of the doubt without being condemned from the beginning!

  8. Every time I drove by to go to YDFM I wondered what that sign was referencing….now I know. This is nothing thrilling. I had thought for some reason it was Ice Cream Parlor type sign. That might have been fun. I haven’t checked out Pita Pit yet as the “Pit” in the name is off putting to me and it always looks empty so I think everyone knows something I don’t. Also another poor signage – not sure what the gig is – is the place next to our mourned 5th Ear… “Tickle your Tummy”. Not sure what that is about. Still eager for more news about Cake and Ale bakery.

    1. They appear to be a sandwich/catering place…they were giving out menus the other day when I was leaving Piece of Cake.

      1. This is a fun brand and has really good and interesting subs and soup flavors that does set them apart from the Quiznos, Subways, Jimmy Johns etc… of the worlds. Plus the deliver as little as a cup of soup or individual sandwich. I thought the same thing about them when they came to Denver and they quickly became my favorite lunch and sandwich place. I had stopped by earlier today and spoke to the owner who said that they will be offering cold soups in the summer and regionally based sandwiches such as Po-Boys, etc…and that they are very focused on being a part of the community, working with foodbanks and childrens organizations!

        I think they sound like a cool group and wish them the best of luck!

  9. Will be checking this out! I’ve been to pita pit a few times now and love it. I wonder if they have a lunch rush? When i come home from the gym it always looks empty. I hope it doesn’t close!

  10. We work with one of the businesses in that office strip (in the old Obama space) — 14 employees. They are thrilled to have food!

  11. Lots of veggie soup options, those are hard to find and that does make it different. We will definitely try it.

  12. Hello Everyone and thanks so much for your comments.

    My husband Ed and I and our other buisness partners are thrilled to be able to serve Decatur and the surrounding communities.

    We very much can appreciate your concerns with location. As an options for those not keen on coming to us, I would like to point out the E&G also will be doing deliveries…approximately 8 minutes out in every direction from the store location. We hope that that will allow us to serve those that do not want to venture out. Of course we also will be catering.

    Let me just recognize the other small buisness owners in that same strip, as well as surrounding business owners, such as Your Dekalb Farmers Market, Wag-a-lot, and Enterprise Car Rentals just to name a few. Not to mention, the landlords of the property are also Decatur buisness people. We look forward to working along side of these individuals and organizations. We know there are a lot of people traveling to and fro in the vecinity that are looking for a place that is healthy, good quality, and still economical.

    Why Erbert and Gerberts?? Well, Ed and I grew up in the midwest and each of attended colleges (UW-Eau Claire, UW-Green Bay, and University of MN) that had Erbert and Gerberts locations near by. We each fell in love with their product and were enthusastic about the brand and being able to share it with others. Not to mention that the CEO of the business (Eric Wolfe) is a great guy, and his values and attention to a quality product as well as a focus on customer satisfaction was in alignment with what we want to offer.

    I can understand how the “guts” concept might seem a bit odd…or quirky. The thought behind that was that many people dont like the doughy part of the bread. So they give people the option to eat it or not…but the extra bread is also great for dipping in your soup. 🙂 We hope that this wont prevent you from coming out and giving us a try.

    In accomodating weather, we will be able to have tables outside and though the scenery isnt as picturesque as one may prefer…we hope to offer to people working and living in the area easy access to a good quality sandwich, and the space to spread out and relax on their lunch hour.

    We will also have the opportunity to create a couple of regional sandwiches…so we hope to get your input for that too.

    Please come and check us out in a few weeks!!


    Sara and Ed Andrist


  13. Hi everyone and thank you all for your comments, as Sara stated we are all very excited to be introducing E&G to our community. I want to empathisize to those not familiar with us that were not the same old sandwich shop. E&G offers some different and exotic flavors such as Cranberry Wasabi, Pesto Mayo, Peppadew Mustard, Buffalo Chicken with Bleu Cheese and Sweet Chili Chicken Salad.
    We will also be introducing regional choices for both our soups and sandwiches and we will be asking for your feedback. After all, you are our prospective guests and we want to serve you to fit your tastes so please let us know your thoughts and feel welcome to share any ideas you have.
    We will see you at the end of March!

    Oh yeah, I nearly forgot…we not only deliver quickly but will deliver as little as a cup of soup or a single sandwich.

    Check us out on our Facebook page @

    Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop – Decatur

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