Oryx & Crake Free Concert at Decatur CD Saturday

Posing the immortal question:  Will the antelope of sprawl swallow the swallow?

OK, now that I’m done amusing myself…

There’s lots of Atlanta buzz around Oryx & Crake and their debut self-titled album so this should be a pretty slammed event.  More deets on the event over on Decatur CD’s blog.  (Yes, King of Pops will be there.  Someone inform Gutenberg.  That is, if cubalibre has let him out of her basement yet.)

One thought on “Oryx & Crake Free Concert at Decatur CD Saturday”

  1. It was a lovely show. Dreamy chamber pop with delightful unamplified four part harmony. Not mopey at all. Great band. Nice people. And the Berry Mojito pop was sublime, too.

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