West Ponce/Trinity Bike Lane Construction To Begin Soon

With the Decatur City Commission’s approval of a $450,000 budget to construct bike lanes along West Trinity Avenue and the very western portion of West Ponce de Leon Avenue Tuesday night, Assistant City Manager Hugh Saxon tells DM that construction should begin in the next 30-45 days, and the project will take up to 120 days to complete.

Mr. Saxon recently summarized the work being done in a letter (page 27) to City Manager Peggy Merriss as such…

  • West Trinity Place between North McDonough Street and Commerce Drive – A bike lane in each direction with 2 vehicle lanes in each direction.
  • West Trinity Place between Commerce Drive and West Ponce de Leon Avenue – A bike lane in each direction with 1 vehicle lane in each direction and on-street parking along the south side of West Trinity Place.
  • West Ponce de Leon Avenue between West Trinity Place and the western city limits – The plan also provides traffic calming elements.  There is a reduction from 2-vehicle lanes to 1 vehicle travel lane in each direction, with a bike lane in each direction, “bulb outs” with crosswalks at intersections , and on-street parking permitted on both sides of the street.  The bulb outs  will use 8-inch high ceramic channel markers.  When additional funding is available, the bulb outs will be rebuilt with curbing and landscaping.