A Few More Details on Decatur’s Coming Saturday Farmer’s Market

After hearing the news about the Decatur Farmer’s Market’s new Saturday time-slot, I followed up with a couple of questions; including asking about major hurdle of getting farmers on a Saturday morning when the popular Morningside market is in full swing.

Here’s Nicole Coleson’s response…

There are a few motivations. For the most part, the local community has been asking for it for years and the City is taking a more active role. Also, there are more farmers now then there used to be. Morningside is very well established and has a waiting list for farmers. We are attempting to do two things; provide an opportunity for the new farmers, and get Morningside farmers to participate in both markets. This has proven to be a challenge to staff but we have had some interest in dual-participation. If you know of any farmers or people interested in staffing a booth let me know.

But for now, we have a critical mass to get up and running. The other good thing is that we have organic coffee, bread, and pastries which have great appeal.

The Decatur Farmer’s Market website now also has a map showing exactly where the market will take place at the Trinity/McDonough intersection.  View it after the jump.

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9 thoughts on “A Few More Details on Decatur’s Coming Saturday Farmer’s Market”

  1. What are they going to do with the prison transport buses that are usually parked there?

    The competition is not just from Morningside, but Piedmont Park’s Green Market, the Peachtree market in Buckhead, and I think there are markets in Marietta and Alpharetta on Sat mornings. Not that Decaturites would venture that far, but I would think the competition for getting vendors is stiff.

    1. I don’t think the space is inside the fence where the buses park. It looks like it’s in the grassy shaded area on the corner diagonally across from City Hall. The map isn’t entirely clear, but that’s the only area I can think of.

  2. This doesn’t bode well for the East Lake Farmers Market on Second Avenue and Hosea Williams Boulevard, which is held Monday mornings.. I understand it might move to Sunday afternoons.

  3. I’m excited about the Saturday mornings. Never have ventured the few miles down the road to the Morningside Farmer’s Market and would much rather give my money to the farmer than to DeKalb Farmer’s Market.

  4. Ooh, this is delightful news. The Wednesday evening slot just never seems to work for me. How exciting!

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