Thai Me Up Has Changing Sign Syndrome

If you want to start a local blog, there are a million little things you need to know.  Two of those things are as follows.

Thing #1: People love to know (and talk) about restaurant goings-on.  Thing #2: whenever a business posts conflicting signs on a closed door over a short period of time, there’s a good chance that something is amiss.  (The Angel was a more dramatic version of this.)

Nittany313 writes in…

A week of so ago, Thai Me Up had a sign on the front door that said, “Closed for Vacation”. When we walked by today, the sign has been changed to say, “New management coming soon”. The inside looked like they were in the midst of re-docorating some. And, all specials on the board were erased so I would expect a new menu. Guess the $10 early bird special is gone for good.

Will this “new management” be a change in name or just in menu and interior?

10 thoughts on “Thai Me Up Has Changing Sign Syndrome”

  1. Maybe the name will change to “Thai me down”, or “All Thai’d up”, or…yeah, I’m bored this morning.

  2. I love Thai Me Up. I think it’s one of the top Thai restaurants in Atlanta.

    However, I have noticed in recent visits that the service quality is slipping and I haven’t seen the friendly, smiling owners. I hate to see them go.

  3. It’s been quite a while since I visited Thai Me Up, but in the times I’ve gone, I’ve liked it. The prices were a bit dear for what was pretty pedestrian Thai fare. For the same price or less, you could do much better at L’Thai, Spoon, or Tamarind Seed (but, of course, you’d have to drive a bit). That said, it was (is?) a nice neighborhood place and with great service and good quality food.

    I think the thing that hurts them the most is their immediate proximity to Noodle, which splits the “I’m craving Asian” market. They also could have helped themselves by offering delivery, as Siam, the only Thai delivery option in town, is not very good and is woefully slow delivering (I’ve actually had them call me back and tell me I should probably just come pick it up).

    1. Top Spice in Toco Hill delivers! Their food is relatively expensive but it’s good and delivery is free (except for tipping of course).

  4. There was a Thai place downtown on Broad Street that recently closed. They had a sign on the door that said they were closed temporarily, and then a couple weeks later it reopened as a Juicy Green yogurt and gelato place.

    So, you never know.

  5. I think the Thai place behind CVS is excellent. And they have a coupon in the coupon book that comes in the mail too, the Savvy Shopper or whatever it’s called.

    I’ve been to Thai Me Up once; found the battered and fried tofu to be a bit, well, different from the typical way of doing things.

    1. I realize I’m only further cementing my food snob status around here, but I had two pretty awful meals at Thai Bowl (out of two). Beware any Thai (or Vietnamese, or Chinese) place that also serves sushi. That’s a strong indicator that they do neither well.

      CSD: Good to know about Top Spice. Only eaten there once (Cobb Pkwy location), but what I had was superior to Siam, so likely a better delivery option.

      1. I second your comment, lumpintheroad. Thai Bowl is pseudo-Thai. I, too, have had a bad experience there.

        Best Thai in town to me is Tamarind Seed in Midtown. But Thai Me Up is/was a close second. Top Spice is decent and consistent.

        1. I have to agree on Thai Bowl– we don’t eat there anymore, b/c no matter what we ordered each time we went, it was barely mediocre. Only ate at TMU once, and it was pretty good, but since our favorite Thai places (Top Spice & Thai Chili) are so close, didn’t like it enough to make it a staple. Oh, and Thai Chili sells its sauces now (they’re very inexpensive), so you can make darn good Thai curries at home! We particularly like the masaman curry sauce with scallops: simmer them in the sauce with some onion, zucchini, kaffir lime leaves, fresh basil– top it off with some sliced avocado & cashews, and boy, is it ever delish!

  6. I think they just suffered from a terrible name. No one wants to tell their friends to meet them for lunch at “Thai Me Up.” As silly as that sounds, I bet that cost them a ton of business over the years. Asian humor does not translate well.

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